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May 19, 2018
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My favorite teams GMs give me nightmares.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Isles777</b></div><div>I was talking to someone on here who knows a lot about analytics in hockey, and when I said Palmieri wouldn't age well he said that even strength defense (which palmieri is very good at) ages better than any other skill. Palmieri was still a pretty good offensive play driver last season, it was just his finishing that took a hit. He might be due for some positive regression like Anders Lee last season. I'd be good with4- 4.5 mill on a 2-3 year deal.

I would love Coleman, I think he gets 5.5-6 mill. I can't see them being interested in Tatar. Saad probably re-signs with the Avs. My dream is to trade for Conor Garland lol - but yeah honestly that would be a good idea but either way I'd be fine with it. Landeskog would be cool. It would be tough to screw up this offseason now, trading Beau would be the only way to do that, but after losing leddy +eberle, I can;'t see why they'd even consider trading him.</div></div>

Three years max is what I'd want for Palmieri. Let's hope his asking price has come down since before the trade...

Garland would be amazing but he'd probably cost a lot. He'd be worth whatever we would realistically offer, but I think other teams will be able to offer more. Maybe its because I'm a Hawks fan too, but I think Saad would be great; he'd replace some of Eberle's play driving, can play wherever we need him to in the lineup and while he isn't the best defensive player, I think his traits would fit the system well and they'd squeeze the most out of him. Probably looking at a 5x5 (or close to it) with him so it's a bit steep, but it's a good risk to take I think
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Thread: Isles
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Thread: Isles