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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BlastnyFromThePastny</b></div><div>I would rather keep Nieto and Bowers. I'd take Nieto's grit and Penalty-Killing over the massive JP question mark. I am not happy to lose Zadorov for a 2nd and a #7DMan. He is a good fit in MTL though. I would trade that for Hall, that's because it's a very bits and pieces just trying to get that trade meter on NHL20 up to Hall's value. But how does it really help NJ? They'd ask for Kaut, 2020 1st round pick and one of Compher, Jost or Burakovsky. I think you've identified Edmonton's and Montreal's needs well and it's fair that you took a swing at Hall coming to Colorado, that does make sense for a rental for sure. Long term though, not too sure about that</div></div>

About Puljujarvi, I know he can be a big guess, but he's playing very well with Karpat in the Finnish elite league. The caliber of that league is even higher than the AHL so I think it's encouraging. High risk high reward? 3 or 4 teams are seriously involved in the talks for JP and I really hope that COL are among them. Bowers... I see him as a good 3rd or 4th line center at best. We already have Compher, we have Bellemare, we have Kaut who has this profile there too so I don't think it's so dramatic to trade a guy like that. I don't think Zadorov is worth much more than that. At the moment he harms the team more than he helps. I'm looking at the MTL lineup and I wanted a RHD who can play immediately on the 3rd pair and Folin is a solid big guy who can do this job right now. If you prefer a prospect, I would ask for Josh Brock. And that Chicago's 2nd rounder from MTL goes down to be a top 40 overall, which is not bad at all! We will see what can happen in Hall case. But if I can give 3 or 4 players in their ELC or RFA or prospect on my reserve list and keep my 1st rounder, I do it. That's why I put Jost, Kamenev and Cam Morrison. It also takes a contract to fill part of Hall's salary so I put Wilson in there. It's still well paid for a rental. Add a conditional 2nd rounder to NJ if Hall is extended. I think Sakic will try hard for Hall.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>ugh....yeah this isnt going to happen

EJ will be ready for opening night, you are noy trading away Zads for picks, Mikko will sign for more even on a bridge deal. Why would you move Calvert who is an important player for that bottom 6 and PK, Graves does not play Zads game nor does he play it better. Graves is not physical who hits

In no way are the Avs going to have 5 rookies making up a Dcore....yikes</div></div>

Haha! OK maybe I'm 1 year in advance with this lineup...

Calvert: honestly, Greer can take his task easily. It's time for the Avs to make a place for him, not just for a 3 or 4 game callups with a 4 minutes playing time. And for Kamenev, this guy has all the tools: skate, vision, hands, IQ, 2-way skills. IMO in no way I play Calvert and Nieto this season instead of Greer and Kamenev.

Byram will most likely have his 9 games and will be back in juniors. Unless he is extremely good at his tryout. It's good if EJ is ready! But if he's not, no problem in playing Timmins and Rosen. I want to see these guys 100 times before Barberio and Connauton. And Z, I like him. I know he hits hard and his teammates love him. But apart from hitting, what is Z ? Didn't have a huge impact for the Avs in the last playoffs. He is very capable of putting you in trouble too. I'm just saying that Graves can take his job and that he's a better hockey player overall than Z. He's mobile as well and has a bomb as a shot. I saw Graves play often in the Q at the time, playing 25 minutes and quarterbacking the PP. At 6.05 225lbs he can defend himself too. He can hit but you're right it's not neccessary in his nature if you compare to Z. But give him Zadorov's minutes and you'll be surprised how good he can be.

I'm not telling you it's going to happen. I tell you that I didn't have any problem in playing these talent young guys as early as this year. But like I said above, maybe it's 2020-2021.
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