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Thread: canes 22-23
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac2000</b></div><div>**cracks knuckles**

Somewhat comedically, I've seen worse.

Stastny at 2C is just not happening. He's been signed to replace Niederreiter, not Trocheck.
Staal is not going to be the 4C. He's probably the best 3C in the NHL. You can say Nuge, but Nuge hardly ever plays 3C.
Dzingel making the NHL is a brave bet, maybe as an extra, certainly not in the top nine.
I'd personally swap Teravainen and Svechnikov, but I can understand the reason you've put them together.
Pederson isn't going to be the NHL. It's looking like Ponomarev may win that spot out of camp, but still a long way to go.
You are 4.5 million over the cap, but both Gardiner and Pacioretty will be on LTIR.
Coghlan at 3LD is unlikely, far more likely they sign De Haan to a league minimum deal off of his PTO. Same with Stepan over Pederson or Dzingel.
Really, the only mess here is the forward core. If you swap Bear and Coghlan and jettison Bear to whatever team wants him (Ottawa, Vancouver among teams interested) you sign CdH to a league minimum deal and play him at 3LD, that D is fine. Goalies are self explanitory. The mess here if the forward core.

Svechnikov - Aho - Jarvis
Teravainen - Kotkaniemi - Necas
Stastny - Staal - Kase/Fast
Martinook - Drury - Kase/Fast

This is more likely I think, but all in all, not bad. Much better than some I've seen recently.</div></div>

Has Ponomarev looked that good? Haven't really been paying much attention to training camp before preseason
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