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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ragsandbluesfan</b></div><div>He definitely does, he had a much better season this year on both sides of the floor</div></div>

Unfortunately there are the people who watch Ristolainen play against other teams top lines, then there are the Ristolainen haters who only saw -41 last year.
Big players take longer to develop, big defensemen even longer.
We have not seen the best of him yet.
While this is an obvious attempt to be sarcastic, I would not trade him for less than Nylander, and the Leafs may view Kerfoot as a move to reduce the cap.
If Kevyn Adams can be patient (I doubt it with the Pegulas bugging him all of the time) there may be more than one team moving players just before the season starts to make cap space.
Look what the Hawks had to take for Leddy from the Islanders in October of 2014.
The Bolts, Blues, Coyotes, Hawks and Leafs may be dealing away good players at a bargain if team as the Sabres can be patient.
– 15 players signed for 2020-21
– Projected cap space: $5.33 million
– Projected LTIR players: none

– 20 players signed for 2020-21
– Projected cap space: $2.05 million
– Projected LTIR players: none

– 18 players signed for 2020-21
– Projected cap space: $7.35 million
– Projected LTIR players: none

– 16 players signed for 2020-21
– Projected cap space: $4.59 million
– Projected LTIR players: none

– 16 players signed for 2020-21
– Projected cap space: $1.51 million
– Projected LTIR players: Marian Hossa, $5.28 million
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RoyalBlueSabres</b></div><div>No chance we give up on Montour for a 3rd.

If anything someone offersheets him and were gonna collect at bare minimum a 2nd</div></div>
<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"></a>
I think more like a first and third.
He is much better than Sabre AGM think.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BigDog91</b></div><div>I would switch risto and montour in Tampa deal. Keep risto and not sign demelo. Also Reinhardt played very well with cerli in worlds I would imagine they would try to even lines out and try them together.

I wouldn’t sign Larson for that much. Rather have lazar for million or less. Why would u sign karlson for that much for 4th line. Asplund for less then million.</div></div>
I loved the LOG line, but unless Larsson and Girgensons are willing to sign for $1,500,000 they will not be Sabres next year.
I think we should at least offer them contracts and hope no other team has the cap space to sign them.

Let me add, this defense is really under rated. Only 8 teams gave up fewer 5 on 5 goals and they all had much better GK.
Many people complained when Buffalo started the season with so many NHL defensemen, but why is that a problem?
I seem to remember that the Sabres had so many defensemen injured that Gilmour was the 7th and even had to play in 4 games. Then the wheels fell off of the bus.
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Joel Armia (Dealt to Winnipeg in the Kane trade)
25-years-old; Sabres' first round pick (16th overall) in the 2011 NHL Draft; 72 points in 218 games with Winnipeg and Montreal

Brendan Lemieux (Dealt to Winnipeg in the Kane trade)
22-years-old; Sabres' second round pick (31st overall) in the 2014 NHL Draft; 12 points in 53 games with Winnipeg

Tyler Myers (Dealt to Winnipeg in the Kane trade)
28-years-old; Sabres' first round pick (12th overall) in the 2009 NHL Draft; 105 points in 251 games with Winnipeg

Nikita Zadorov (Dealt to Colorado in the O'Reilly trade)
23-years-old; Sabres' first round pick (16th overall) in the 2013 NHL Draft; 42 points in 207 games with Colorado
Zadorov has developed into a tough bottom-four defenseman.

J.T. Compher (Dealt to Colorado in the O'Reilly trade)
23-years-old; Sabres' second round pick (35th overall) in the 2013 NHL Draft; 56 points in 137 games with Colorado

Mark Pysyk (Dealt to Florida in the Kulikov trade)
27-years-old; Sabres' first round pick (23rd overall) in the 2010 NHL Draft; 40 points in 215 games with Florida.

Brayden McNabb (Dealt to Los Angeles in the Hudson Fasching trade)
28-years-old; Sabres' third round pick (66th overall) in the 2009 NHL Draft; 71 points in 341 games with Los Angeles, Vegas.
McNabb is nothing special, but has been a top pair or second pair defenseman on really good teams, especially in Vegas last season. After averaging 17 minutes a night in L.A., McNabb saw an increased role, averaging 20 minutes a night for the Golden Knights. At the very least, he's a guy you want on your third pair, and he's proven that he can handle top minutes if needed.

The Sabres would have had to nail the picks, but there was opportunity to get star players with lots of draft picks that were also traded away.
60th pick in 2014 (Dealt to Los Angeles in the Fasching trade)
Brayden Point- LW - Tampa Bay Lightning
Selected 19 picks later; 185 points in 211 games.

21st pick in 2015 (Dealt to Ottawa in the Lehner trade)
Colin White - C - Ottawa Senators
Selected with the 21st pick; 38 points in 80 games.
Ilya Samsonov - G - Washington Capitals
Selected one pick later; One of the top goalie prospects in the world.
Brock Boeser - RW - Vancouver Canucks
Selected two picks later; 102 points in 121 games.
Travis Konecny - C - Philadelphia Flyers
Selected three picks later; 113 points in 224 games.

25th pick in 2015 (Dealt to Winnipeg in the Kane trade)
Jack Roslovic - C - Winnipeg Jets
Selected with the 25th pick; 31 points in 94 career games.
Noah Juulsen - D - Montreal Canadiens
Selected one pick later; Top defensive prospect in Montreal.
Anthony Beauvillier - C - New York Islanders
Selected three picks later; 81 points in 198 games.

31st pick in 2015 (Dealt to Colorado in the O'Reilly trade)
Sebastian Aho - C - Carolina Hurricanes
Selected four picks later; 184 points in 223 games.
Brandon Carlo - D - Boston Bruins
Selected six picks later; 28 points in 212 games.

43rd pick in 2015 (Dealt to Los Angeles in the Fasching trade)
Erik Cernak - D - Los Angeles Kings
Selected with 43rd pick; 9 points in 39 games with the Tampa Bay Lightning
Daniel Sprong - RW - Pittsburgh Penguins
Selected three picks later; 13 goals in 71 games with Pittsburgh and Anaheim
Jordan Greenway - LW - Minnesota Wild
Selected seven picks later; 11 goals in 69 games

38th pick in 2016 (Dealt to Florida in the Kulikov trade)
Alex DeBrincat - RW - Chicago Blackhawks
Selected one pick later; 114 points in 145 games.

45th pick in 2016 (Dealt to Montreal for Josh Gorges)
Samuel Girard - D - Nashville Predators
Selected two picks later; 42 points in 136 games with Nashville and Colorado
Carter Hart - G - Philadelphia Flyers
Selected three picks later; 13-8-1 with .917 save percentage in his rookie season.

Even if Murray kept all those picks, he wasn't going to hit on all of them, obviously. Would he have hit on two or three? The thing about stockpiling picks is, you're bound to nail a few, if you have enough. Murray would have had the opportunity to draft Aho, DeBrincat, Hart, or Point, who are all thought of as great young players in the league. Just a few of any of these guys would have provided the Sabres with the roster depth they are sorely missing.

The last thing to look at is who the Sabres would be without if Murray didn't trade all these assets. They wouldn't have Tage Thompson. They wouldn't have had the Blues' first round pick, which may be the pick used to land Brandon Montour. Other than that, what would we be truly missing? They wouldn't have Vladimir Sobotka, and I know fans love the sound of that right about now.

The "what if" game is a dangerous one, but it's one that has to be played to learn from mistakes of the past. I think most would agree that trading over a dozen young/future assets for a few very good veteran players was a mistake.
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Thread: 2021
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When a team is as far over the cap as the Bolts will be this year, one will never know how low they will be forced to take for better players.
while I think Cirelli is not a player that they will be looking to move, teams with lots of cap space may be able to pick up some bargain basement bargains.
Does any one remember when Nick Leddy was traded to New York Islanders for Ville Pokka, Anders Nilsson and T.J. Brennan? Leddy for 2 minor leaguers and back up GK?
The trade came just before the start of the season and the Hawks were forced to get below the cap ceiling.

Just one more of my editorials:
I wonder what DATM was doing? He certainly was not on the phone looking for bargains. Oh yes, he took the lazy man method and signed Moulson to a five year $5,000,000, Gionta to a three year $4,250,000, Meszaros to a one year$4,125,000 contracts instead of looking for bargains.
Yet there still are people in Buffalo who think he did a good job.
Since Leddy was a free agent at the end of that year I am sure he could have brought in several really good draft picks, or, imagine him backing up Dahlin on the left side?

One may say the Sabres do not finish last with Leddy.
Well they also would not have had Moulson, Gionta, Meszaros and Gorges.
If they had kept Ristolainen in the minors and traded Stewart to the Bruins in October as Chiarelli wanted, then subtract their names as well and I think it is easy to see it is an AHL team.
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Yes Gourde can win faceoffs, so maybe he could play center.
That is not enough for any team to take on that much salary. Look what it cost the Leafs to move Patrick Marleau and he had a better year than Gourde with ONLY one year left.
TBL gets Pilut, Lawrence and BUF gets Gourde, Yanni; Foote, Cal; Barré-Boulet, Alex TB 2020 second and TB 2021 first
And would still say no.
I like Gourde the first time I saw him Buffalo. He was absolutely explosive.
But he produces at about the same rate as Okposo and is signed for 2 additional years.
I am an eternal optimist but Buffalo was much closer this year than their record.
Skinner, Sheary, Rodrigues and Vesey all had career worse years.
Hunwick had a 12 game stretch of 0-8-4
The PP and PK was terrible the second half of the year.
If Hunwick does not go blind, or the PK stops one PP in any of a dozens games, or if Skinner could have had 25 goals, they are in the preliminaries.
if all of the above are just average, they are chasing the Leafs.
Kahun appears to be at least a good mid six forward and occasional top three.
We could easily see Cozens, Thompson and Mittelstadt play significant rolls next year. So I do not see any reason to add Gourde.

What I am saying Buffalo is the wrong target. If DATM could have made a similar trade as I proposed instead of signing Moulson, Gionta, Meszaros. Well we all know how that turned out.
Look to a team that is more than a #2 center and needs improved GK to dump salaries, Buffalo is not that team this year.