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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HockeyIsMyPassion61</b></div><div>Sorry but Buffalo isn't the 4th best team in the Atlantic, They will finish 7th just over Montreal...</div></div> <div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sabres89</b></div><div>Probably true. But if we are wrong, better odds for Bedard.</div></div> <div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RoyalBlueSabres</b></div><div>I'll bet you that buffalo finishes better than 7th...</div></div> IDK where Buffalo will finish, but I will be absolutely shocked if Buffalo is not in the hunt at the TDL.
They may still finished 7th because the Atlantic is very competitive, but 90 pts is not out of the question.
They finished the last two months 16-9-3.
Nineteen games were against playoff teams Florida, Florida, Florida, Carolina, Carolina, Toronto, Toronto, Toronto, Los Angeles, Calgary, Rangers, Tampa Bay, St. Louis Boston, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Washington, Nashville, and Minnesota compiling an <strong>8-9-2</strong> against those playoff teams.
If we include Las Vegas who were fighting for a playoff spot, the Sabres were <strong>9-9-2</strong> during the 28 game stretch against top teams.
Adding Comrie, Lyubushkin, Power and Quinn while dropping only Miller, Pysyk, Hagg, Butcher, Dell and Houser should make the team perform better.
I am certainly one of the most optimistic Sabre fan, but last end of season performance against quality teams indicated they are up to the task and will surprise many pundits.
Below is the record of the 3rd GK for each playoff team. ONLY Toronto, Dallas and Vegas back up GK’s had more than 10 decisions.
Panthers 0-2-0
Colorado 4-2-2
Carolina 4-1-1
Toronto 11-6-1
Minnesota 0-0-0
Calgary 0-0-0
Rangers 1-1-0
Tampa 1-1-0
St. Louis 6-1-1
Boston 2-0-0
Edmonton 0-0-0
Pittsburgh 1-1-0
Washington 1-2-1
Los Angeles 1-0-0
Dallas 6-5-4
Nashville 1-2-0
Vegas 10-9-3
Buffalo 5-15-4
<strong>Buffalo’s third GK’s had 24. If the GK’s can stay healthy, who knows how the season could have played out.</strong>
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Skyraider112</b></div><div>Well first off that shouldn't be the case because Samuelsson would still be the 4th best D-man on this roster, so moving him wouldn't make sense. Bryson would be the guy to trade in this scenario. However, Samuelsson has proven he can handle top minutes and top players in the NHL and has complimented Dahlin exceptionally well. Therefore we would not trade him, and if he did, he would be worth far more as every team with a competent scouting department would be lining up to acquire him.

I always knew that his strength was puck moving, especially on the PP. But after watching those prospect games, I was blown away by the ease in which he transitions the play from defense to offense. He is so fluid and makes dime passes pretty much every time. I really hope he gets a shot in the NHL with the Sabres this season, even ifs its a short call-up. He seems to grow his game more and more each season and he has faced adversity throughout his career too, which just shows the kind of mental toughness he must have</div></div> Too bad we could not have connected at the game.
Thank you my friend, I was a bit concerned that maybe I was over over rating him.
I mentioned how well he played to several Buffalo fans near me and they did not offer me the same affirmation you did.
We were all told that he was only a PP specialist, he certainly displayed different talents in these three games.

Quinn, Peterka, Johnson, Samuelsson, Power, Ostlund, Levi, Portillo even Luukkonen and Krebs could have participated, there was still enough talent to score 17 goals and win all three games with AHL GK.
Rosen, Kulich, Weissbach, Kosak, Chederqvist, all had special moments that could be a indication of there talent.
While Savoie scored two goals, his PK, back checking and puck movement would have been worth mentioning.
He is going to be an excellent two way player.
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