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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>martm2k</b></div><div>Petry isn't going to Detroit.
They are in a rebuild and do not need him.
And, if for some crazy reason they'd want him, they aren't giving up Zadina for him.

Doubt Forsberg signs for 2 years with a rebuilding team.

Signing the injury prove Letang, who's 35, to a 5 year deal is asking for trouble.

Giving 15mil to Letang and Forsberg while going with a Holtby/Allen tandem in the net doesn't make much sense to me.
If you're in a rebuild, don't give huge contracts to older free agents.
If you sign free agents to be competitive, get a goaltender who isn't a question mark.
This is the worst of both options and is a receipe for disaster.</div></div>

I'm not sure how I signed Forsberg for 2 years it would obviously be longer. With the absence of Price, they have a lot more money to dish out and I figured with that they could end their rebuild with all of the young players they already have and at some point, you have to add some veteran players into the lineup. Also, not many other options in goal they could choose from that would probably go to Montreal. I agree giving lots of money to older free agents isn't exactly ideal but when you already have a solid foundation of younger players you might need a bit more of a veteran presence. Some players like Forsberg look for the bigger contracts and kind of ignore the team's given situation as long as the team isn't in the gutter. A great example of this is Hamilton who went to the devils. Letangs rumored asking price for a new contract is 7mil for 5 years so if they end up signing him that's what it would take. With the Zadina trade, I've heard Detroit has lost favor with him, and if that's the case I don't see him going for more than a third. Honestly, I think with these additions besides the question mark in goal, the Canadians could be very competitive.