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Jan 7, 2018
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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 8 at 4:15
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMs</b></div><div>1. Yes Tatar is better than Lehkonen offensively, but if Tatar wants terms and money, I’ll take 25 yo Lehkonen around 2.25M
2. Gustafsson at league minimum fine
3. Fleury won’t be waivers exempt next year, so he’ll need to go through waivers to go back to Laval
4. Primeau : the team already said he will play 150 AHL games before being Carey Price back up. So they will sign a UFA goalie this summer because Seattle are taking Allen
Reilly doesn’t want to come back here, and there’s gonna be a big market for him. We just signed Norlinder, so if he makes the team, awesome. If not, he will the next season and you have Gustafsson at league minimum</div></div>

I agree with your assessment of Rielly, I would still check in to see because he would fit back in very well and he would be a great bridge for Norlinder. Ah I did not realize that. I would instead of signing a dman would have gustafsson and fleury compete for that final spot in the lineup throughout the season. Thank you for letting me know!

I personally would disagree with the team there, I would have primeau up if I were to manage the team but I would look into rittich as a potential backup if I am forced to play Primeau down.

also I forgot to mention tatar but I would still take tatar at just over 1 mill aav more plus I have him taking 1 year less than lehky. Tatar last year was similar to lehkonen's defensive impact and has over his carreer been solid. Lehkonen overall would be safer however. But I think having them both back would be most beneficial
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 8 at 4:09