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Hardcore Boston Sports Fan. Gunna be a tough few decades of losing once brady/bill belichick retire.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ON3M4N</b></div><div>You are correct, you are wrong.

Zboril - NHL ready, but no where to play in Boston. Not sure he has the top pairing upside he was projected, but still a guy with 2nd pairing upside.

Senyshyn - NHL ready, but for some weird reason Sweeney &amp; Co have a fascination with him playing a defensive role in Providence. When given opportunities with better talent, he's produced.

Khulman - Calling him a never was is kind of a dick thing to say. For example, you are a never was in regards to the NHL, I'm am a never was. Kuhlman just played his first year of pro hockey last year. Prior to that he was the Captain of the NCAA champions, where he also was named to the all-tournament team and tournament MVP. He's a speedy 3rd line winger that gives 110% every shift.

^There are some good pieces here, but not the level that Minny would be looking for.</div></div>

As a side, I'm not much of a Zucker fan. He is fine, but Wild fans treat his value like he was a superstar.

With Senyshyn and Zboril I wanted to stress the 1st round part more than the bust. That's why I put "busts" in quotes. I also said that I don't know about them but looking at numbers they don't seem to be very high end. 3rd/4th liner, 3rd pair types aren't what you hope for out of pick 13 overall. I do not know where they will fall, but they don't seem like much (by numbers only).

To your other point... It seems very much of a trade made up of quantity rather than quality. I was just throwing labels in to point out that even though there are 5 pieces... there isn't a gem or a real target in the lot. Usually when you trade an established player for picks/prospects one of the prospects is the key. Even the pick will most likely be closer to a 2nd rounder than a sure shot (I said 25ish). A lot of people think that a 1st is a 1st is a 1st... and it very much isn't.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Salzy</b></div><div>Not moving multiple pieces for a stop gap, a mid round pick (leafs fans have said above a 4-5th gets it done) why wouldn't we make that move to avoid putting someone that isnt ready in a top 4 role. I know Ceci isn't great but I'd rather do that than rush Larsson or someone else into a role they arent ready for.

If you think we don't need to make a move that's just ignorant imo our RD depth needs to improve before the Manson injury and now we definitely need to do something.

I would 100% rather sign McQuaid or a similar player or even call Hakanpaa or wideman up, but one has to think if it were going to happen it would have by now.

Giving a mid rounder for Ceci isn't mismanagement, it helps protect our younger players that we shouldn't rush into Larger roles because our Roster is poorly constructed, even if we are focused on a lottery pick, making a move for a RD is necessary imo even if it is just to protect our younger LD to avoid playing them on their off-side</div></div>

We're beyond protecting these young d-men at this point. They need to cement their spots now and so far they have. Mahura, Hakanpaa or Benoit is undoubtedly on their way to Denver right now, regardless of whether we've heard about it yet. That's probably not a great long-term solution if Mans is out for an extended period of time, but you said it, we should sign someone like McQuaid. For the very least I simply don't want Ceci. I'd rather give Mahura a serious look. Everyone is making way, way, way too big a deal about our lack of RHD. We need quality NHL d-men, regardless of how their stick is curved. Considering how anemic our offense continues to be, I'm comfortable riding with what we have and maximizing our draft picks, ALL of our draft picks.