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Hardcore Boston Sports Fan. Gunna be a tough few decades of losing once brady/bill belichick retire.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>well first, the bruins always start slow, they never start the season on fire it takes them a little bit to get going... that being said, the exhibition game they didnt look cohesive alot of chasing. The game vs philly they couldnt control the puck. Gave up too many odd man rushes and easy turnovers in the neutral zone. Similar thing happened in the first period vs the lightning. Chara looks like a turtle on ice, and bergeron and krejci have both looked pretty slow themselves. I liked what i saw in periods 2 and 3 from the bruins in that game. But why are we deciding playoff seeding based on 3 games after 4 months of not playing... should have just done a point continuation for those 4 teams assuming 70 games played and given flyers and caps an extra win or gone back to 69 and gone from there. Its kind of a joke the NHL had one 100 point team this year and they arent the top seed in the playoffs.</div></div>

Ok, but I don’t know why people are so hung up on matchups. If you’re going to win the cup, you need to beat the best teams to win anyways, so it shouldn’t matter what order you beat them in. And if you lose it really makes no difference if you lose in the conference finals or the first round, other than a higher draft pick.

If you were to make it like you said, the Bruins would have even less incentive to win, and then they could get steamrolled by a hungry underdog like Columbus did to Tampa Bay last year.

I really like the Bruins, but they aren’t looking like themselves right now. For their sake hopefully they can pick up their game before they play PIT/CAR/TOR/CBJ in a few days.