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Hardcore Boston Sports Fan. Gunna be a tough few decades of losing once brady/bill belichick retire.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SammyT_51</b></div><div>explain yourself. Just wanna know why its "not even close enough".</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>hanson493</b></div><div>Jack Campbell has been LA's better goalie this year behind a pretty terrible defense. Bracco is an AHL all-star you are overvaluing him. Not only that, kings have PLENTY of wingers in the depth pool, they need dmen. hutch is actually a minus in any trade given how abysmal he has been behind torontos bad defense. Cody ceci does absolutely nothing for the kings in this deal. He is a cap dump only for them. They will not resign him and if they wanted him could just wait till ufa. so this becomes bracco and a 4th for campbell and lewis. Thats just not worth it. Since being traded from the sabres. Nylander has a total of 6 less points than johnsson this year. so its essentially murphy (26 year old playing top 4) for a 3rd. thats a no.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>truculence67</b></div><div>I’d be surprised if the blackhawks would add nylander to that deal, especially as Stan just traded a good young defenseman for him but you’re seriously overestimating the return the kings will get for Campbell and Lewis. Campbell has been mediocre at best this year and has only ever had one really good season in his career. I’m also pretty sure he’s getting a nice extension after this season - i doubt that the kings really want to be spending that much dough on him and quick in the middle of a rebuild.

I’d love to have Lewis on the leafs meanwhile. I think he’s the type of guy Toronto has really been missing on their fourth line and he brings a ton of veteran leadership and playoff experience. Won’t cost much either. A fairer deal with Chicago is Murphy + delia for johnsson</div></div>

Dont bother he is a leaf fan and they think all leaf players are worth 10x actual value. These trades are just embarassing. Nylander returned Joki who is top 4 dman on rookie deal.
Forum: GM Game 2019-20Nov 27, 2019 at 3:31
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1. There has been a good amount of GM's placing players that are only IR eligible on the LTIR so to save cap space. The BOG will be coming down hard on that from now on. Players eligible for either can be checked by going into (Teams) --&gt; (IR/LTIR placements just below the roster).

<em>The following GM's will be held accountable if not changed:</em>
<a href="/users/GhostBear" target="_blank"><a href="/users/GhostBear" target="_blank">@GhostBear</a></a> = Minnesota Wild (<strong>Change</strong> - Devan Dubnyk off IR and onto the NHL roster)
<a href="/users/flamesfan419" target="_blank"><a href="/users/flamesfan419" target="_blank">@flamesfan419</a></a> = Calgary Flames (<strong>Eligible</strong> to put Sam Bennett on the LTIR)
<a href="/users/matt59" target="_blank">@matt59</a> = Ottawa Senators (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void Marian Gaborik's contract)
<a href="/users/phillyjabroni" target="_blank"><a href="/users/phillyjabroni" target="_blank">@phillyjabroni</a></a> = Quebec Nordiques (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void Nathan Horton's contract)
<a href="/users/Daryl" target="_blank"><a href="/users/Daryl" target="_blank">@Daryl</a></a> = New Jersey Devils (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void Julius Honka contract and taken off LTIR)
<a href="/users/A_K" target="_blank"><a href="/users/A_K" target="_blank">@A_K</a></a> = Winnipeg Jets (<strong>Eligible</strong> to take Jayce Hawryluk off IR), (<strong>Eligible</strong> to take Valentin Zykov off LTIR and send to minors through waivers)
<a href="/users/Max" target="_blank"><a href="/users/Max" target="_blank">@Max</a></a> = Edmonton Oilers (<strong>Eligible</strong> to release Jesse Puljujarvi)
<a href="/users/eklund29" target="_blank"><a href="/users/eklund29" target="_blank">@eklund29</a></a> = Pittsburgh Penguins (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void Marian Hossa's contract), (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void Ryan Callahan contract and taken off IR)
<a href="/users/l9guysports" target="_blank"><a href="/users/l9guysports" target="_blank">@l9guysports</a></a> = Boston Bruins (<strong>Eligible</strong> to put John Moore on the LTIR)
<a href="/users/DirtyDangles" target="_blank"><a href="/users/DirtyDangles" target="_blank">@DirtyDangles</a></a> = Vegas Golden Knights (<strong>Eligible</strong> to void David Clarkson's contract and taken off LTIR)

<strong><em>GM's have by December 6th to make the necessary changes. </em></strong>

2. New pages are wanted for all updates. <strong><em>Deadline is December 6th</em></strong>.

3. BOG has discussed and concluded that the plan is to have the GM Game run into the 2020-21 season as a 2yr+ game.

4. As the last announcement, BOG has decided to <strong>REMOVE THE MONTHLY TRADE LIMIT &amp; the OFFSEASON TRADE LIMIT</strong>.