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Thread: playoffs
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Thread: playoffs
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Let's go over a few hypotheticals and statements here BEFORE we look into trading Nylander.

1) The biggest and most obvious one is Tavares and Nylander just straight up don't work. Tavares looked really good playing alongside Marner and Bunting, and while they are the 2 hottest wingers to have, he still looked like he could drive play and stuff. As for Nylander, he has been straight ass since the calendar year, however, how many times have we had this song and dance about him not playing up to his standard? I really just think he needs different linemates. He works best when he has to be the one driving the play.

2) Having said that, the option would be, Throw Tavares to the 3rd line in place of Miky, and have a line of Kerfoot, Mkiy and Nylander

3) Knies looks to be on his way to the leafs this season, and could honestly fit like a glove in that LW role with tavares and Nylander. a big PWF with lots of upside, so this could be a big option.

4) Also, having said all this, I think this is Muzzins last year as a leaf (Either Robidas island, or traded for scraps as his deal has no money left) . thats 5.6 + getting out of Mrazeks deal too, which is another 3.8.... 10 Mill in cap space should be enough to plug a lot of holes here.

They can get alot of Having said all that, if all this fails and he still looks like garbage in the Playoffs, I think you need to have a serious convo about Tavares first before Nylander. And if that can't get done, Then trade him.

5) With Leafs being in win now mode, they want a player that will help them now and not future picks/prospects. So Askrov wouldnt be the best value back for him. I think if Dubas can preform highway robbery, and benefit from a potential lackluster playoffs from the canes (sorry, just dont believe in playoff Freddy lol) See what the bid is on Slavin or Pesce. Could be something like Nyander + Conditional 1st + Liligren for Slavin. Or a straight swap Pesce for Nylander

Another team that could maybe be an option is Philly and what they are gonna do with Provov. Having a horrible season and with Fletcher being the worst GM in the league, Dubas could really preform highway robbery and get Provov+++ for Nylander

Still think the best option is keeping him and sorry for the super long post :)
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