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Forum: Armchair-GMNov 3 at 3:29
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sebybbq</b></div><div>He was the right arm of dale tallon so he deserved as much credit as tallon. But the scoutings team is the one who built this team. For bowman, he herited of a great team but after the first two cup he made some great trade and managed the cap very well to keep their core and added some very valuable piece in saad, daley, kruger stalberg, leddy, andrew shaw, oduya roscival. Yeah those last two or three year have been bad but chicago is rebuilding there defence and with all their prospect they will compete again in a mather of time. The only thing that bowman as really mess up is seabrook extension. He should have kept hajlmarson instead of seabrook. He would have cost half of seabrook and they could have trade seabrook when he still valuable. But for the rest he did pretty well</div></div>

If overpaying players to the point where he is unable to trade Seabrook so they had to give up Hjalmersson instead managing the cap well then sure, they definitely managed the cap well. I would prefer Panarin over Saad although I'll give Bowman the benefit of the doubt because no one knew how that trade would work out, Kruger was signed to an extention of 3 million to produce 17 points a season (excluding those 2 years when he produced in the 20's), and don't get me started on rozisval, he was a decent player but given too much money in Chicago. I don't know why you bothered to mention the salary cap when every summer they need to make cap dumps so they could always sign free agents This has been the first summer since we actually had a good amount of cap space. They couldn't move Seabrook or Keith because of the clauses in their contracts. I don't know who told you that Bowman did a good job managing the cap when we also had to get rid of Teravainen because Carolina needed someone else to go with Bickel. Other than Bowman, the cap has been our greatest enemy since 2010-2018. Also as mentioned before, he botched more trades than actually won them, the main reason why he still has a job is because of his dad and every now and then he makes one great trade only to botched the next trade he makes
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