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Thread: Whats Next
First, if you have not, I would quickly watch any SJS video urinatingtree did. Not that I fully agree with them (being honest I don't really know much about the team), but I do find it easier to make a decision on something if I know the pros and cons about someone or something. Because most of what I know about Doug Wilson is from those videos I will keep my opinion out of who I think the next president should be. For GM, honestly I am not a huge fan of JBB. I mean Yzerman really built the team in Tampa Bay and JBB really just inherited them. I could agree with bringing in Megan Chayaka to help out with analytics and even as a tactical decision to give Chicago some good press, however maybe as an AGM or a member of the scouting department. Call me crazy but if/when Stan is fired, I would like to see Chris Chelios act as a temporary GM or even as president. This dude is a hockey psycho who played until the age of 48. After playing he was immediately hired to a front office position by the Red Wings. Since then Chelios has also been an Assistant Coach for the WJC USA Hockey team, the Red Wings, and the 2018 USA Olympic Team. Personally I would like to see what he would do with the team over a short time span as a GM first. If it doesn’t go well then at least he could teach Megan Chayka what he knows, further making her a prime candidate to replace him. There is also the entire possibility that this move is already in the works. Sliding in replacements through the side door does seem to be a common theme for this organization. Remember when Joel Quenneville was hired as a “scout”? If Chelios was going to be president the announcement would have been made by now so I really see him more as GM. He knows how to develop players, know how the front office works, has coaching experience, and scouting experience. As for coaching, I couldn't agree more. I hate Colliton with a passion but there was one thing I think they did right by promoting him, bringing in a fresh face. He had no experience as a NHL coach and wasn’t a recycled coach from a different team. Although Scott Sandelin has no NHL coaching experience either, Colliton is nowhere close to his level.

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