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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bf3351</b></div><div>You are talking about Buffalo which has almost no center depth, way to make a comparison... I'm not talking about teams, I am talking about Eichel and Matthews. Your argument is Matthews is better than Eichel defensively because he has an 8% better faceoff percentage, who is stupid??? There is a whole lot more about defense than faceoffs, but I guess you wouldn't know that...

I am proud of you for making a google search so you can look a little smarter. You are right, Matthews, has outproduced Eichel. However the difference isn't significant. As we've learned with the Leafs, offense isn't everything if you are getting scored on as much as you score.

Another thing your little brain cannot comprehend is the fact that Matthews is playing on a good team offensively and playing with guys like Marner, Nylaner, Reilly, and Tavares on PPs... Eichel is on a horrible team and until very recently hasn't played with many good players at all. Matthews has always had help, Eichel has not. But every penny counts, right? Jackass lol</div></div>

You continue to look stupid. Where did I say Matthews is better defensively? I mentioned faceoffs and you spin in into something far more than what it is. Learn how to comprehend a statement. So go ahead, point out where I said Matthews is better defensively, I wait. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I love how you are now making excuses once I showed you how wrong you were. You said Eichel has out produced Matthews. I proved you wrong. Now you are making excuses about the talent surrounding them. You look dumb and now making excuses for your very incorrect "facts". Like I said, sit this out.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>But you still missed my point entirely, or get it but realize your statement was stupid which is why you didn't respond to my retort. The playoff format sucks, and its been bad for a lot of good teams in the last number of years, the past 2 its been really bad for TO. When the two best teams in the Eastern Conference are in the same Division, that means whoever finishes 3rd has a way harder first round matchup then a team in a different division. Look at the West this year, one of St. Louis, Colorado and Dallas will be gone in the first round. Those are by far the 3 best teams in the West. Meanwhile, Vancouver or Edmonton will likely finish the season with not enough points to even qualify for an eastern playoff spot and will take an inferior team.

If TO plays well and takes Tampa to 6 games and loses or 7 games and loses, is that such a huge defeat that heads should roll? Its been one of those everything has gone wrong seasons for TO. They are learning lessons about adversity and fighting through it. Lessons a team like Pittsburgh learned a decade ago. I am sure if TO upsets whoever they take on in the 1st round you'll find some excuse for why it happened.</div></div>

No, I dont care to respond because of reasons like "I am sure if TO upsets whoever they take on in the 1st round you'll find some excuse for why it happened" Making assumptions like that is asinine and thats why I ignore most of your posts. You reasoning is "well TOR played better teams in the playoffs." OK point? Underdogs can win in the playoffs you know. Its happened before, and will continue to happen
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