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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>coming up with excuses for him is what makes no sense.
If McDavid missed half of last year with a knee innjury, came back and scored 2 goals in 5v5 play 27 games, would you be saying, oh it's fine don't worry about it?
No you wouldn't, you'd say there is something wrong there, he's not really healed after nearly a year. Something is not the same.

But you want to talk about how Hall is a league MVP out one side of your mouth, but ignore the reality on the ice out the other and make excuses about how it's the team around him.
I hate to break it to you, league MVPs elevate the players around them, not the other way around.
So the question still remains. WTF is wrong with Hall. It's the question kicking around in the back of everyone's mind and no one is saying it yet. But it is there.
And while that question is there, don't even come tell me he's worth the moon you think he's worth. He's not.
It isn't Hall from 2 years ago. Period.
He had knee issues, they couldn't figure it out. He went in and got it scoped to "fix" the issue. He comes back in a contract year playing like garbage.
YOU: "It's the rest of the team"
REASON "Something is not right here"
YOUR "Lets give up 4 1st round picks for him"

The only one showing ignorance here is you. The play on the ice speaks for itself. MVP level players don't score 2 goals in 27 games. They just don't. He's not the same player.
No one is saying he can't eventually get there. But it's been about 10 months since he had surgery in FEB, and he don't look right.</div></div>

You're beyond stupid. You love putting words in peoples mouth. Where did I even mention 4 1st round picks? Youre bashing a dude saying he isn't producing, but has 22 points in 27 games with nobody helping him out. Imagine what he could do when he has HOF talent around him. And the whole McDavid comparison is stupid and irrelevant. Dont tell me what I would and would not say because you sound like a moron when you try and tell people what they would say. Players come back from injuries every year and they dont decline. Hall is still one of the best LW in the NHL, and other than you saying he scored 2 goals this year (which is false), you have nothing....... BTW im still waiting for Jack Johnson to be traded since you said his days were numbered.
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