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Jun 30, 2020
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>crankshaft</b></div><div>Disagree with all the trades. Gambrell has earned a contract and his keep on the team. You only take on Eriksson in a full rebuild and we can't full rebuild with the NMC's and NTC's we have so that's moot. Donato is slightly better than Granlund, 4 years younger and cheaper.</div></div>

My personal plan is to build for 2022-23. Sadly the offseason before it, we need to re-sign players. That's why I have so many low budget and 1 year deals, because of that.

Also I can totally take on Eriksson, it's one year that we can afford with 3mil to spare, and he's not even waived. Didn't even ask for a first. One year of paying a guy to not play does not indicate a rebuild. We're just gaining assets which we need.

Granlund has played more C than Donato. If you want a different player that's more of a true C I agree. Center depth is our largest need. If you're that set on Gambrell make him the 4C, I don't really care. He can still play PK and dzone starts that way. On the cuda, True is very entertaining and has worked well with pretty much any winger he's been given. Donato as a 3rd line winger would be eventually passed by Blichfeld Balcers Cheko etc. I just want to maximize value. Replacing Donato with slightly lesser versions of him, while paying less money and getting assets, is absolutely ideal. It's minor, but maximize value is what we need to do with tight cap, minimal assets, and an underaverage prospect pool