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Thread: New Pens
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Oh boy - lots happening here!

I think I am with you on the protected players, maybe only switching McCann and Carter strictly for the potential of not having Malkin for a good portion of next year. Carter fills that role a lot better than McCann and I would rather play it safe than assume Seattle won't take him. Still think they will take whoever is not protected from the 4th line, but losing Carter is a massive blow if Geno can't play til 2022.

Zucker would be great in EDM. Still love him and would be grateful if he was on the roster next year, but he has to find his puck luck with that salary cap. That trade is more than fair for both and I feel like it's still selling low, but gotta do what you gotta do.

I know we are expecting Hexy & Burke to bring in a brusier, but Deslauriers is useless and shouldn't be worth any asset at all. I was so relieved when the TDL rumor turned to be false lmao. He's awful.

Not sure what happens with DeSmith, but he will definitely have interest. I actually would not be completely shocked if they protected him over Jarry, simply for the cap issues. a 3rd + 7th seems fair to me.

I do love the Rinne + Coleman pickups. Coleman would fit on this team almost too well. I don't really know what his next deal will look like, but what you offered seems like a good deal in a cap compliant world. I assume Hyman will price himself out of Toronto, likely getting closer to $5M per year.

Can Saad come home on a discount? Doesn't he want to play near where he grew up? for free? :grimace
Forum: Armchair-GMJun. 14, 2021 at 2:57 p.m.