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Forum: Armchair-GMSep 3 at 3:25
Assuming the Islanders were clearly sellers (which seems super unlikely to me, but you'd have to pretend that is the case for this to make sense) and that they know that Pulock was going to test free agency (rumour up here is that he may want to come back to Manitoba because of his girlfriend) a 1st, roster player and prospect is likely the asking price. so a 3rd round pick wouldn't be coming back and I'm not sure they would want Schmidt either based on his age & caphit but that may depend on how he plays this year. They'd only be letting Pulock go knowing they can't afford his next contract and they have Dobson, Mayfield and Wilde on the right with Pelech and then I'm not sure what else on the left.

If they were going to play Schmidt on the left that may make sense but I think they'd likely be asking for 1st + one of Heinola, Stanley or Samberg to pump up their Left D prospects instead of Vesalainen. We'd need them (or someone else in a different trade) to take Schmidt's caphit. We acquired him for a 3rd round pick so he's not a complete cap dump but his value is likely a 3rd round pick at most. Vesalainen is a second roster player for us and we likely wouldn't want to move him (because I don't think that second trade makes any sense)

So if they were sellers I think it'd be 1st + Schmidt + Heinola/Samberg for Pulock and I honestly don't know how I would feel because I love our d prospects so much but I think that is closer than what is proposed here. You would have to assume you could get Pulock done long term, which we would have the capspace for without Schmidt's hit so that isn't a worry for me. I think we take a run at Pulock in free agency most likely but if something crazy happens and they're moving him at the deadline this is the package I think it would take.

Then for the Copp trade, I just don't see why we would do that or why they would do that. We're trying to win the cup this year so turning a player into multiple pieces is the opposite of what we'll be doing. The Copp trade isn't needed for cap purposes. We keep Copp. with a bottom 6 of Copp Lowry Vesalainen and then Harkins Gus Nash with Toninato in the pressbox. I'm super high on Ylonen though so if the Jets did this I wouldn't be mad, I just can't see why either team would.
Forum: Fauteuil - DGAug 31 at 4:58
Thread: Hertl
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 31 at 10:00
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 27 at 10:08
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Perfetti wouldn't be a good fit with the two stonehands at all, I have major doubts that Perfetti makes the team this year, let him play in a lower league and put some weight on, no point in rushing him.
Vesalainen probably gets put with Lowry and Copp, don't know if that's a good fit for him either but that's likely where he ends up.
Wheel will remain on the top line, Maurice isn't changing that line unless injuries happen or they really struggle, even if they struggle Maurice will likely keep them together and make some excuses for it.

Gotta think Schmidt will be on the top pair with Morrissey and DeMelo will be paired with Stanley on the third D pair.
Stastny will be 2LW with PLD and Ehlers.
The 4th line will likely be Toninato or Gustafsson with Nash and Harkins.
It's unbelievable that Heinola appears to be the odd man out on this defense, he won't be happy going down to the Moose or being the #7 dman.</div></div>

I agree with all of this. I am looking forward to Vesa with Copp and Lowry though because I think he's a great finisher and IMO that is what that line needs. Copp/Lowry to cycle and hold position and the 3rd guy to be fast and able to finish chances.

Suddenly the D is bursting with quality NHL players and blue chip prospects. Heinola likely won't be happy going back this year but he's going to have to wait for injuries to get his look and then run with it like Stanley did last year. With all the term on the guys currently in front of him he's going to have to steal a job and force the Jets to trade someone else. Nothing is going to be given.
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 17 at 5:13
Thread: big deadline
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>Boston isn't giving up a 1st for Fabbri. If Fabbri has a good season he will want more money and at that point it would make more sense to keep DeBrusk.

<strong>The Winnipeg trade doesn't make sense for Detroit since Beaulieu is a UFA. Swap out Beaulieu for younger defenseman or change the 3rd to a 2nd.</strong>

As I said above I think Staal stays and if Gagner goes anywhere its most likely Edmonton and the return will probably be a 4th or more likely a 5th.

I don't like the Montreal deal for Detroit and I think Detroit gets a better offer than that by the time the TDL rolls around.

I also don't think the Colorado trade happens it's not so much about the value. Sakic is patient and Colorado isn't at a point where they need to make a move like that. They still have a ton of talent in their system so until that is exhausted I don't see them making a move like this.</div></div>

Beaulieu would be a cap dump which is why you'd be thinking about a 3rd at all. Because they need the dump and the retention. Rittich for a 3rd that was 2 years out happened this year at the deadline as a base. The pick in the upcoming draft adds value. The fact that it is Columbus' pick and may essentially be a late 2nd adds value instead of it being the Jets own pick.

We probably need a 3rd team involved to retain to actually make the cap work so it does get a bit cost prohibitive if the Wings want too much. a 5th to team X to eat salary and then a 2023 3rd to Detroit is what I would be angling for. This is for a guy that we hope never has to play so again, it really depends on our comfort level with Comrie/Berdin and the numbers Greiss puts up as a 36 year old.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 5 at 4:28
With the Jets trade I see what you're doing. Taking the Arvidson trade essentially and giving us a 2nd and 3rd for the guy we'd likely lose in the expansion draft.

The issues from the Jets side are:

1) obviously this only makes sense pre-expansion draft and we only have 2 forwards that meet the exposure criteria (Appleton and Harkins) so trading Appleton means we need to find another forward that fits the expansion criteria somehow. Signing Perreault, Lewis, Thompson or making a trade to bring someone in. Not impossible to do but it's another thing to overcome for this to make sense on the Jets side. So for starters I'd need to sort out who the 2nd exposed forward would be and like the cost of doing that via signing or trade.

2) the other problem is that the next best player to take from us after Appleton would be whichever of DeMelo or Stanley we leave unprotected and those are both players we'd be better off not losing and I think we'd value at more than a 2nd &amp; 3rd round pick as 1 player is a top 4 RHD that if we lost would mean we'd be looking for 2 RHD via free agency and we drafted Stanley in the first round and invested the time developing him so that now he's excelled in a bottom pair role but looks like he has more upside still. A 6'7 Dman in your top 4 is always a good thing too.

I will say, there are some players that may be there at 40 that likely won't be there at 49 so that 2021 2nd is actually pretty interesting to me.

In my view we'd need to sort out some other details on the Jets side before I could definitively say yes or no to this but while I can create some magic scenario in my mind where I would say yes to this, there would be a fair amount that would need to break right for it to make sense including striking a deal with Seattle on who they were going to pick or having a second trade for one of Stanley/DeMelo lined up for expansion exempt assets that I would also have to really like.

It would be a lot easier to just sit back and know that Appleton will be taken. IMO we can absorb that loss as we have in-house replacements that just need an opportunity like Vesalainen, Harkins, Perfetti, Luoto, heck maybe even Dano.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 17 at 12:22
Thread: Who says no
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 15 at 3:49
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 11 at 2:45
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 11 at 10:42
How does this fix public relations? Because the fanbase will burn down the arena and head office of the Jets so there is no team anymore?

Scheifele is speaking the truth. I saw no less than 3 identical hits in the Colorado - Vegas game last night where the only difference is that the player being hit didn't get injured. The entire narrative that a) he charged him (when every single big hit could be called charging by the way the rule is written) b) he somehow is required to play the puck instead of the man to defend in that situation, c) that his decision to play the body to seperate the man from the puck somehow equals intent to injure, d) that the hit was late at all or e) that the game was already decided at the time he made the decision to deliver the hit is all 100% false. A player got hurt but the act and decisions that lead to that moment from both players were fine. If Evans wasn't hurt there wouldn't have even been a penalty on the play. Nevermind a long suspension. Look at the play, not only the result.

Have an independent look at it and imagine that Scheif is a fraction of a second faster and prevents the goal. Would it be OK then? Imagine that Evans gets up and celebrates the goal and isn't hurt. Would it be OK then?

The reality is that Parros is a former Habs player that still golfs with Price every offseason. People are taking this opportunity to pile on a BS decision that he made. Even in the DOPs video they had to say 1) he skated the length of the ice (on a backcheck), 2) Significant contact was made with the head (but they couldn't say it was the primary point of contact because he clearly hits him in the chest first and then hits the head 2nd). They say that the game was decided at that point but we were down by 1 with 55 seconds left. If Evans is knocked on his ass there we head back up ice 6 on 4 with 50 seconds left and a chance to tie the game.

There is no public relations issue in Winnipeg. Broadcasters don't like when players throw it in their face that they are wrong. It erodes their credibility.

People compare this hit to the Byron hit on Weegar but the main differences are that Byron jumped in the air before hitting Weegar so that he could intentionally hit him in the head where Scheif put a legal check on Evans. As a result Byron is sorry for what he did but Scheif really isn't because he didn't do anything wrong.

Anyhow, based on the second trade this is clearly a troll post but you got me big time.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 11 at 10:22
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 9 at 4:40
You obviously put a lot of thought into this one but some of your assumptions or things you've "heard" are not correct.

Blake Wheeler has been nominated for the Mark Messier award as the best leader in the NHL before. He admitted he was too hard on people 2 seasons ago and there haven't been any rumours since.

If Seattle would take that pile of bottom end players instead of Logan Stanley, Mason Appleton or Mikheal Berdin I would be all about it but I wouldn't take that if I were them. I'd be taking the big LHD that was a former 1st round pick, the waiver exempt goalie or the middle 6 winger instead of a fist full of magic beans that likely don't yield a single NHL player.

Assuming Seattle takes Stanley, then we need Samberg to run JMo, Heinola, Samberg and have Left D be the strength of our back end so we then can't do the Kubalik trade. I'm not looking to help Chicago at all...

JMo (26) - DeMelo (28)
Heinola (20) - Pionk (25)
Samberg (22) - Kovacevic (23)
Beaulieu - Niku

Take the growing pains of turning the back end over to youth. Hopefully draft another RHD in the first 2 rounds and ideally a RW with top 6 potential as well. I'd keep 17OA and draft Ceulmans (RD) / Coranato (RW). Come back in the 2nd round and target the other position. i.e. if you draft a forward in round 1 look at Mailloux or Iorio. If we grab Ceulmans look at Chase Stillman. Maybe another RW slips.

We have a boatload of capspace, so hopefully we can add a top 6 winger or top 4 RHD to really cement things but I think we can't overreact based on the losing streak at the end of the year where we PDO'd at 93 (just super unlucky for that stretch) or the Habs series when we were without our top pair RD, our allstar C and came off a 9 day gap between games. Teams were 1-4 going into that series with that amount of time between games and 3 of them were swept. Lifetime now teams are 1-5 in that scenario where 4 of them were swept. That is just crazy but it's too much time between games and all rhythm/momentum is gone.

This year wasn't our year. Next year really could be though. I just don't think Pomo will play 3 rookies on D, but that likely leads us to the longest term success. We will be a playoff team again next year with no trades and no impact signings.

I would target a winger like Armia, who can PK more than Granlund and it's also possible that Perfetti is retti for a middle 6 role.

Wheeler is aging but I don't think moving him is the right thing to do. Keep him but just move him down the lineup. He played half the year with broken ribs and he still put up 46 points in 50 games.