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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LoganOllivier</b></div><div>But why wouldn't the fan base not even think that is an option? I mean, who in their right mind would move a 21 year old so they can make their cap work when they could move a 32 year old (Wheeler) or 34 year old Buff (If he doesn't retire) or Little? If I was Chevy, I'd move out those older players and get future assets. Take a small step backwards and come back younger, faster and stronger.</div></div>

Personally I don't do that because 1) both Wheeler and Little have full No Move clauses so thinking about moving them isn't realistic unless they want to move and 2) Most of the trades involving a winger are to bolster the RD, not become cap compliant. We can easily afford everyone it's just that someone needs to take a bridge deal. Sign Connor at 7 by $7.5 and Laine at 2 by $6.5 with a structure of $5M year 1 and $8M year 2. If we need more cap space we can just suspend Buff and then we don't need to account for his caphit. We're being nice right now and I imagine will continue to be nice as long as we can. I'm sure Buff gets that we either need him playing or his capspace while he isn't.

Knowing our position of strength is Wing and we can't trade Wheeler because of his NMC and that Roslovic and Vesalainen are unproven in the NHL that leaves moving one of Ehlers, Connor or Laine in a hockey trade for a young, controlled top pair RHD. Ehlers has a value contract that we need so really its down to Connor or Laine and all the Rumour sites are saying Laine so that's what people go with.

With how the young D have looked in exhibition so far I wouldn't be making any trades. Lets see what we've got first and if it's bad this year then make a trade for next year. With the expansion draft we may be able to pressure some teams into moving a D. For example the Flyers will want to protect Provy, Sanheim, Myers and Ghost, but they won't be able to protect them all because they need to protect G and Hayes (NMCs) plus Couts, Konecny, Patrick, Voracek, JVR, etc. up front. Plus there are a number of UFAs we could go after too.
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