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Nov 5, 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GMMar 9 at 9:04
Thread: foligno
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>FrustratedToronto</b></div><div>Okay... but why? For any of it. The third line of Hyman-Engvall-Mikheyev have been very good and the team needs a 2nd line winger to compliment JT and Willy better than Kerfoot does (or at least for cheaper than Kerfoot is). If you're just using Simmonds on the 2nd Line then there's no point in acquiring Foligno or Ryan. It actually makes the third line worse getting them. I like David Savard but if they aren't moving out someone like Holl or Bogo, which they shouldn't, he doesn't really have a spot until next season. Dermott compliments Bogo and gives him a puck-moving relief valve, and their top-4 is set. Maybe in the off-season they should look into him, but they have bigger fish right now trying to lock up Hyman.</div></div>
What you said perfectly exemplifies why these trades need to happen. First, we've gotten very few injuries to our RD so far. In the playoffs you'll need the extra Dman in case of injuries if you want to be a cup contender, unless you think Liljegren or Dermott at RD is a good fit when one of Brodie/Holl/Bogo go down. Secondly, you can put Foligno with the Tavares line while Simmonds is injured, which would make Foligno cheaper than Kerfoot. The Tavares line lacks a grinder to go get the puck like Hyman. Finally, the focus of all this is on clearing cap space (to sign Hyman) and loading up for a shot at the cup. The only contracts you can move to clear cap space for next year are Kerfoot, Mikheyev, and Engvall. Obviously, if you trade them, you also can't be getting anything other than an expiring contract back, or one you can put in the AHL without penalty. All the players that I'm targeting fulfill that criteria to ensure maximum cap space for signing our FAs next year.
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Thread: Rebuild
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