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Thread: Why babs why
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DirtyDangles</b></div><div>Babcock is not the reason the Leafs make the playoffs. He is an overrated coach who is still riding the coattails of Lidstrom.</div></div>

I'm astounded by these sorts of comments. even Jeff Blair in Toronto was calling for Babcock to be fired if the leafs didn't win a round this year. lets go back in time shall we.
-Tank for Matthews, check
-Year 1 stock the cupboards, install a safe culture, check
-Year 1 actually make the playoffs, likely 1-2 years ahead of schedule, and take the Caps to 6 games
..... by making the playoffs so quickly (for the first time in 10+ years) then the bar is raised
Year 2 steadily make progress, have their best season since Gimour days, and finish tied 7th overall (with the eventual cup champs)
Lose in 7 games (leading on the road going into 3rd period) to a team that was better than them in the regular season, has playoff experience
Now year 3 look at all the players who have improved under Babcock's COACHING: Marner / Matthews/Hyman / Jonsson / Kapanen / Dermott / Reilly / Kadri / Moore / Anderson.... these players just didn't get better cause they got older and tried harder
Now they sit 4th in the league, 2 points behind Calgary who they trucked on the road
2nd best goal differential in the league
best collection of young F's, and young Dmen on the way
Its not Babcock's fault that the best and 2nd best team in the league are also in their division, its his job to make the players better, and in doing so , so quickly they all want to be paid a year early, and then forces mgt. to skimp on DEF, this team was supposed to be where it is RIGHT NOW in 2020-21 after Marleau teached them how to play, and his contract was off the books.

anyone who thinks the Leafs aren't blessed to have Babs is a nimrod, and should never speak on the subject again..... as basically 28 other teams if they would like Babs as their coach?