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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Joronto</b></div><div>I appreciate your good intention.
My arguments are based on insider information.
„It's almost every hockey playing kids dream to make NHL“... and PLAY - so Eichel wants surgery and a quick return to the ice instead of sitting on LTIR while Zona tanks.
If he would get artificial discreplacement instead of an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion he will need only 7 weeks to recover due to Dr. Chad Prusmack.

And obviously NOT EVERY team can trade for Eichel because It's about the valuable cap space and qualitative assets. That has nothing do with „big teams“.
As a matter of fact Adams wants picks and prospects in return and he often is not getting what he wants - also the trade history in Buffalo is bad as hell. Risto was a positiv surprise. Also Armstrong wants picks and prospects and no NHL money.

And I am not dramatic - you have to face the facts: Buffalo is not the place to be for an NHL player right now and it was getting even worse last season. On of my best friends is a big Sabres fan so I am well aware of the situation.
Do you really think anyone would choose to go to Buffalo if he would have the choice? I mean look at Owen Power… His family was more excited than him. Almost 20 minutes of interview and not on sentence about anticipation to join BUF at all..:AFTER HE WAS SELECTED FIRST OVER ALL. Fun fact: he was growing up as a Leaf Fan.

A franchise that waisted a hole era. O´Reilly, Kane, Reinhardt, Ristolainen, McCabe, Lehner, Ullmark even Bogosian and now Eichel. It is so frustrating. And Dvorak already plays in the NHL so I guess he has something else in mind than rebuilding a permanent rebuild. But you are right: he has neither a M-NTC nor a NMC.</div></div>

You have valid points but anyone who writes 4+ paragraphs to explain there opinion is obviously a little emotional about subject. To add to that I do care about the sabers and we have dedicated fans from the city as well as players development here (Patrick Kane as the big one). If you want to see a 1st overall hate the idea of going somewhere look no further then McDavid.