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Forum: Armchair-GMAug 15, 2019 at 8:55
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeygoalie53</b></div><div>You do realize Lehner (who I loved and wanted back) had his career year mainly because of the system Trotz uses, right? There is no reason to think that Varlamov, who is a better goalie overall, won't have a similar year this year in the same system. Defense and a solid and trusted defensive system that EVERYONE bought into is what put the Isles where they were last year. Can they regress, yes of course, anything can happen... but you don't go from being the worst defensive team in the league two years ago to the best defensive team in the league last year on a fluke.

I'm not saying Barzal is going to sign a team friendly deal, all I'm saying is that just because the Isles sign Marner to a 12-13m AAV doesn't mean Barzal camp starts there. Marner is using Matthews as his comparable because he has out produced him and lead the leafs in scoring the last 3 years in a row and just put up 94 points last year. If Barzal does the same thing, then I have no problem with him asking for a contract similar to Marner (if signed by the Isles). But if he goes out and puts up 60-70 points next year, he's not asking for 12-13m per just because they gave that deal to Marner... that take is just laughable.</div></div>

1000% Trotz helped, as 99% of new coaches do when they come in. I'm just saying temper your expectations, every team is susceptible to a 10-15 point variance based on loser points, one goal games, fluke goals for/against and the numbers suggest NYI was on the high end of their spectrum. Unless you're Tampa sure you're making the playoffs every year why are you giving up 4 first round picks?

But sure I understand why the Marner camp is (allegedly) asking for Matthews money, even though the even strength production, goals and position would argue he shouldn't be asking for it. Even if the Barzal camp wouldn't be asking for a Marner comparable, overpaying him x amount shoots up Barzal's price by x amount. Marner making 12.5 means a 70 points Barzal deserves what, 11? But Marner making 10.5 means a 70 point Barzal deserves 9.5, 10? Obviously those numbers aren't exact, just trying to relay my point.
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 15, 2019 at 8:20
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeygoalie53</b></div><div>This team is identical to the team that put up 103 points lasts season and finished 2nd in the Metro and have now ADDED Marner. Moving Leddy and handing his spot to Toews, while giving Aho regular playing time is a wash (their better defense and Toews offensive ability easily replace Leddy and Hickey)... So, yes, I'd feel very confident with this team and those 4 1st rounds being in the 24-31/32 range each year.

Also, the Barzal take is ridiculous. Marner signing here has little to no bearing on what Barzal does. IF Barzal leads the team in scoring next year (the way Marner has for TOR the last 3) than he can demand something similar to Marner. But I'm pretty sure Barzal understand the only way to bring a talent like Marner to the Isles is to OVERPAY them, which does NOT translate to Barzal demanding McDavid money next year... come on.</div></div>

Not going to try and argue about where the Isles will finish. Their PDO was crazy high along with a Career year for Lehner + others. They could very well get 103 again, or they could regress, get a key injury, ect and finish with 85-90. I just wouldnt be comfortable giving up 4 firsts after an overachieving year.

But lol. Everyone thinks their young stars will be different and sign a team friendly deal, want to stay, ect. RFA's are getting PAID. If Marner is making 12.5 that's where the Barzal camp is starting. Contracts are all comparable's and signing an awful one to your team drives barzal's asking price way up.