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Thanks for the feedback

Rask is much better than Carpenter - Carpenter was not a great signing as there were much better all-around players available later on in FA who signed for the same amount of money. My thinking with Milano is someone with offensive potential who could move into top 6 in the event one of LAF, Kakko, or Kravtsov struggles (and the potential of either Kakko or Kravtsov being traded).

With the Rangers needlessly extending Reaves last year that has handcuffed them from getting what they really needed - a veteran left side D. (side note - could have been more aggressive with PTO for the few that were left like DeKeyser, DeHaan, etc instead of Vesey - not that I don't like Vesey but where is he really going to fit). My logic was trading a disgruntled RD, a LD who has never been able to stay in the lineup, and a RW who they should never have re-signed in the 1st place for a left side D who has shown he can play and defensive depth for the minor was solid. Picking up Stanley doesn't mean Jones doesn't play - just provides another option.

In your posted lineup who is on the bench - I'm assuming the forwards are Blais, Hunt, Gauthier, and Reaves which would leave them with 16 forwards. Who is the 7th D (Hajek?). If Othmann and Vesey stay 2 of the forwards have to go - which ones would you get rid of and where (i.e. Hunt and Gauthier would have to go through waivers - their contracts aren't that prohibitive that they would not be claimed - losing an asset for nothing