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Leafs and flames fan. Love sports (not just hockey), like criticism. My twitter is KeepUps15
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wadejos123</b></div><div>Gustafson is a train wreck defensivly. Thats why he was paired with our best shut down dman in Murphy. Also, and offer sheet has never happened before, so i'm going to assume that it doesn't happen on Lyabushkin until I see otherwise. I think its just stupid to assume you're gonna offer sheet a third pair dman and that's gonna solve all your problems</div></div>

yes I was using him as an example on offense. Gustafsson was a 60 point defense man and that could be a factor in Murphy's offensive metrics. And no. Were not gonna OS him. I meant trade a 3rd for him. Arizona has Soderstrom in their system and their right side is pretty much full. He could be Rielly's d partner

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>Not trying to be a total jerk but you clearly don't know what you're talking about even starting with the spelling of Lyubushkin's name.

Lyubushkin is not even close to being better. Murphy was playing top line and 2nd line minutes which means more often then not playing against the better lines of the opposing team ATOI at over 21 minutes a game versus 14 minutes a game for Lyubushkin who played a sheltered role on the 3rd line. Furthermore, Murphy plays on the PK (Lyubushkin does not) which hurts stats not helps when the team is a man down. Lyubushkin is a healthy scratch quite a bit, Murphy is never. You talk about Lyubushkin being a puck moving D guy but he had all of 4 assists (0 goals). You are right about one thing, Murphy is a not known to be a puck moving D guy, he's known to be a strong stay at home guy with great passing skills, great shot blocking (138 shots to Lyubushkin's 53), and despite not being more offensive, Murphy still puts up 19 points (5 goals)! Lastly, the reason Murphy played with Gus is because Gus sucked defensively and Murphy is the Hawk's best defender....this was to cover for Guys in his own zone. For you not to simply understand that fact, further tells me you don't understand at all the player.

Again, suggesting Lyubushkin is better then Murphy is absolutely laughable...not going to debate your silly claim any further, it's not worth the time.</div></div>

Ok bud il spell Lyubushkin's name right. Like thats even the point of this convo

Lyabushkin did start of the season playing teams bottom pairing defense man but that does not mean he isn't a top 4 dman. If I am not mistaken, Lyubushkin actually got promoted and started playing top 4 mintues with OEL. I have no idea why Arizona hasn't tried him on the pk. Arizona has Chychrun, OEL, Demers, and Hjarmlsson who are all good on the pk. They should replace Demers with Lyubushkin on the pk. You don't need to have points to be a good puck moving defense man. He mainly carries the puck into the neutral zone. Il give you that Murphy is a great shot blocker (most likely better) but that does not make him better at defense. That could just mean that more pucks hit you.

I'm sorry but standard stats (blocked shots, hits, Takeaways ETC) don't define a player being good at defense. You have to look at the advance metrics to truly see. Like I said Lyubushkin leads in GF/60, xGF/60, CF/60, xGA/60. He also has a better xGAR. But if its not worth your time then you don't have to listen
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