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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Capitalfail67</b></div><div>Vrana doesnt play defense? im positive you dont know who Vrana is....

Vrana xGF% is 51.59%
Iafallo xGF% is 48%

last 2 seasons.... p/60

Vrana is 33rd with 2.932... players near him Aho and Connor lol
Iafallo is 193 with a 1.945.. players near him Mangiapane and Foegele

"Bjornfot will be the next captain of the Kings when Kopitar retires. He's not going anywhere." this might be the most stupid thing ive read... i would safely assume Kings next captian would be Byfield or Turcotte. yesterday you told me you wouldnt trade Vrana for Iafallo and i came to the conclusion that you are either a kid and a clueless adult. Vrana is better in everyway than Iafallo and hes a RFA and younger.....</div></div>

You very clearly don't follow the Kings. LA drafted Bjornfot higher than he was expected to go due to his leadership qualities. The kid is a natural leader, taking over teams at every level he has played, including the Swedish national team, and in professional leagues with much older players back in Europe. He took a fairly active leadership role in Ontario in the AHL at age 18. Blake specifically said that culture, entitlement, and leadership were issues with this team after guys like Mitchell and Williams left, and Bjornfot was selected to help with that. Captains don't have to be the team's leading scorer, and LA has a long history of selecting workhorses over skilled players, as evidenced by captains like Mattias Norstrom and Dustin Brown. I will be very surprised if anyone but Bjornfot is the next captain of the Kings.

So Vrana plays on an offensive juggernaut and Iafallo plays on one of the worst 5v5 teams in the league, and you want to quote xGF% as "evidence" that Vrana is a better defensive player than Iafallo? How much PK time does Vrana get? What was cited as the reason why Vrana was a recent healthy scratch: "His play without the puck." In the meantime, Iafallo is 2nd among team forwards in SH TOI, behind only Anze Kopitar, one of the best defensive forwards in the NHL. You can cherry pick fancy stats all you want, but Iafallo is lauded by his coaches daily as the hardest working player on the ice, with and without the puck, while Vrana was just a healthy scratch.

I'm not saying Vrana is a bad player. I'm not even saying Iafallo is better than he is. I am saying that LA isn't about to give up 3 quality pieces for a player that has been a healthy scratch multiple times in his career.
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