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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>You know, I don't know if Florida takes that, but I think starting with Sandin &amp; a 2021 1st gets them thinking - maybe giving one slightly better prospect instead of two longshots puts it over the top? But I don't think the Panthers can move Bob, and Knight is probably their most attractive asset, and they're facing a hell of a cap crunch this summer, and you do the math from there. It's not the worst idea.

Mrazek for Driedger needs more going to Seattle. They're both guys with bigger contracts coming off bad seasons but Driedger is a couple years younger and was a little less terrible than Mrazek this year. I could see this being a way for Seattle to acquire an extra pick of two from Toronto to help build up their organizational depth.

Holl for Wood makes no sense on the Jersey side. Wood is 26, he's part of the leadership on Jersey, and all accounts coming out of there make it seem like they want to keep him around. Holl is 30 and a 3rd pair guy on NJ - they can get something like him in UFA for just the cost of the contract, without giving up an asset.

I don't see why Philly trades for Kerfoot - they're not really saving any cap (Kerfoot at $3.5M for Lindblom at $3M and Frost's RFA rights doesn't really save them much more than $500K once Frost signs for $1Mish) and they're trading two younger guys with RFA rights still for a 27 year old pending UFA. Chuck Fletcher is unpredictable, but I think he'd pass on this one.</div></div>

Ya so first off its Kerfoot- a 50 point versatile player for a winger who needs a fresh start and a young, cheap RFA. The Leafs may have to add an asset but the framework of that trade makes sense.

Also Wood for Holl makes sense to a degree, especially if the Devils dont qualify him.