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Thread: Oh Canada
Responding to usernnamebot. Appreciate the critique but please let me dismantle it.

David Krejci - no move clause - I think it goes without saying that anyone would makes a fake trade on this site works under the assumption that the parties would wave their clauses for the sake of simplicity. Obviously in real life he probably wouldn’t. But for the sake of having a bit of fun. Suspend the disbelief.

Heinen - I realize that I am in the minority here. But I don’t see what others see. But even if I concede he will be a top 6 player. I feel that Pageau offers Boston Center depth for years to come. A 3rd Center who could play 2nd in the event of injury. Pageau offers more than Heinen (points are not everything). At least until some of the rookies develop, I see Donato and Bjork and DeBrusk as players who will all be better than Heinen. So for me he is the odd man out.

While I think Backes is great he does not fit into the Boston system anymore and he is not a top 6 on the Bruins anymore.

Krejci can still bring it and would add a lot to a Canadiens’ team screaming for some Center depth. It is a big contract for us though. So my thought is that RNH is a younger Center with a smaller cap hit that has a higher ceiling than Krejci. RNH can be one of the most elite centres in the league on a team that is not Edmonton. They have not developed him well. I think Cassidy can make him into what he was suppose to be. A franchise center. And I put a lot of faith in the Bergeron effect. RNH can learn a lot from him. And the skill and speed is there. Seriously though RNH is much better than you give him credit for. This helps Boston with future Center proofing given that Krejci and Bergeron are getting older and our rookies probably need a few more years.

Krug - very gifted offensively but is still a plus 0. Even if you score 100 points a year. If you are giving up 100 points you are not really making the team better. It is a simplistic way of thinking about it. But not untrue.

MacQuaid - We have 2 MacQuaids. One is just called Miller. And he is younger and cheaper at the moment and more skilled. But could add a lot of stability to an Edmonton defense.

Backes over RNH - Sorry but you are just wrong. Backes is older and slower and cannot thrive in a highly skilled and fast pace Boston system. But he is a great leader who can contribute offensively and is hard hitting you are correct in that. But for now those days are done. Which is why Lucic (who I love) is not doing that great in Edmonton. RNH at this point is a much better player than Backes.
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