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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>Arizona accepts before you have a chance to reconsider - this is a crazy overpay. I'd assume at this point a 1st/prospect/young roster player is a good base to build off of, with maybe throwing in an extra 2nd or 3rd if you want to use the '24 1st instead of this year's. Something like a '24 1st/Toronto's '23 3rd/Niemela/Engvall probably gets it done. I don't think you need to throw in Knies, and you definitely don't need to throw in Knies and a pair of 1sts at this point.

I'd also argue - how vital is Chych to the Leafs at this point? When everyone's healthy, I assume you're rolling with Rielly/Brodie, Gio/Liljegren, and Sandin/Holl, with Jordie Benn as your 7th D. Not saying Chych doesn't make that group better, but even the revised package is a huge price to pay for a pretty deep group already. Wouldn't it make more sense to target a pending UFA veteran like Dmitry Kulikov/Trevor van Riemsdyk/Justin Braun to just give you more depth at a fraction of the price? Toronto's a top-5 defensive team as it is right now - I don't see a huge need to devote so many assets to strengthening a strength, ya know?</div></div>

hmm okay 1st 3rd niemela i would be pretty okay with that
the part of chychrun i really enjoy is the 3 years at a good price for a good dman
i like holl alot
but the idea of having the entire dcore locked up for both this and next year without worry is appealing
ive been out of the loop on ol chychrun so i basically just ran with the price i last remembered
whats the over under on them retaining salary if i went 1st 2nd and topi instead of a 1st 3rd and topi do ya think
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