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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>You wanna suggest trading Sandin for Ryan Pulock or Brandon Carlo, okay, that has merit although it's reaching too far. Trading Sandin for Scott Mayfield or Connor Clifton (who are actually already in the NHL) would be a short-sighted move and, in my opinion, a real howler; but trading Sandin for a defensive prospect is just cuckoo. Is there any reason to believe that Sandin won't be as good as Cale Makar? If you are seriously thinking about trading Sandin, may I point out that Olli Juolevi was considered just as highly as Jamie Drysdale?</div></div>

I'm just exploring the possibilities here, knowing too well this would be a serious move. But there are real concerns behind it.

My concerns are twofold:

1) I think our team still struggles defensively, and that it will come back to haunt us in the future. We have many defensemen with a similar style (modern-style, offensive-oriented, not the robust type that will do the heavy lifting in our own zone). 2) Next year in particular, we lose three UFAs, and we just can't afford to bid for players on the UFA market to fill in these spots, due to cap concerns.

Suppose Sandin makes it into the lineup next year. An almost sure bet. He could be as good as Makar (or close to it, though not quite, I would think). Then we have Rielly-Sandin-Dermott on the LHD. Three players not really minded on the defensive side of the game. None of them really suited to block shots or do the dirty work on the PK.

Take Makar or Girard with Colorado. They're doing really well. But they have a Zadorov and Johnson behind them. It gives balance to their lineup.

(BTW, Carlo or Mayfield would be perfect on our team next year. But I wouldn't trade Sandin for them - a forward, instead. He has more value than that to me.)

Finally, Drysdale is already above 1 PPG at 17 in the OHL. Juolevi never was. Point taken, there's a big risk. Although he is a legit prospect, I think, and the kind who would fit well for the team's future.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rsamuelson</b></div><div>Fair enough, I can understand your points! So in your eyes you don’t think the leafs have an issue on the right side of their defence?</div></div>

Things could always be better, but so far the right side is doing well, especially since Keefe took over. The two main issues were Barrie being cold and letting everything in, and uncertainty about Holl.

As of now, though:
1. Barrie is again the player he used to be. He finally got into the team's chemistry, and we couldn't find a better bargain.
2. Holl has become a fan favourite, and he could turn out to be the inspiring type of story of the late bloomer taking his place in the NHL. He's doing well, both defensively and offensively, and keeps improving every game. If anything, he's the one who could still be replaced by someone with more experience, but that would be heartbreaking in a sense. I'd like to see him remain and for his story end well. I couldn't see him being replaced with Stecher, for instance.
3. Ceci has to cope with some fans' distorted views and disparaging comments, but I like his play a lot without the puck. In a nutshell, he rarely lets goals in when on the ice, and that's what I want. His pairing with Dermott hasn't allowed a goal at 5v5 for many games now. He may be overpriced at 4.5M given that he doesn't produce offensively, but other than that, he's hasn't done much wrong, and his game with the puck keeps improving under Keefe. If he leaves, the player stepping in has to be able to play the same role on the PK, and defensively.

To me, the real problem with the RHD will be next year, when all three players leave as UFA!
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