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I like hockey based on speed and skills, and as a former D, I appreciate the defensive aspect of the game, something often completely ignored by sports channels and commentators.
Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsJun 3 at 7:14
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I'll preface this by saying as an Oilers' fan, I'm all Dubas all the way. I want the Leafs to succeed because I think they're on the frontier of where this sport should be headed. Keeping the big four together and continuing to address depth is the only meaningful way forward.

I suspect Hallander starts at minimum with the Marlies, especially if Dubas wants to keep him as a pivot as opposed to a LW. His NHLe is only 82GP - 13.325G - 11.275 - 24.600P which misses the cutoff for third-line production (I use 0.33P/GP as a staunch cutoff, and even then I prefer the number being closer to 0.4). Dubas will like the strength that Hallander-Amirov bring to the Marlies. Robertson's NHLe is poised to get close to the half-point-per-game mark and no doubt I expect him to be on the roster as either the #2 or #3LW.

I suspect Liljegren is going to be traded, but I'm not sure what for. Bogosian played <em>really</em> well this year and I can't help but think he'll be one of those value contracts for the Leafs a la Spezza that continues to sign cheap until they've won a cup. I find it damning that he still hasn't been an NHL presence after his D+4 year and suspect the move will be to address the #3C.

Hyman's back without question and a hometown discount at around $4M with lots of term wouldn't surprise me.

I don't know if you bring Simmonds or Thornton back. They didn't accomplish much and weren't as effective as I imagine Dubas had hoped. There has to be better players out there to replace them with. I like Barclay Goodrow on a one-year deal and I think he'd like the fit too. A Goodrow - Brooks - Spezza 4th line is a very good 4th line. Freddie will probably be too cost-prohibitive for the Leafs. I suspect they're in the market for a $2M/2y goaltender to tandem with Campbell. I wonder if an Engvall-Khudobin swap with some retention makes sense for the Leafs. It very much works for the Stars, given their current three-headed goaltending monster.</div></div>

Thanks for saying this. The Oilers and the Leafs were the most exciting teams in Canada this year, and I think it's bad news for the league to see both of them out so early - not to mention a star player leaving on a stretcher on game 1. I'm not interested in that kind of butchery. No offense to Jets and Habs fans, but a series featuring McDavid vs Matthews would have been one of the best the sport has to offer.

I also think Dubas does a good job at evaluating talent and promoting good moral values within the organization. Signing contracts is the only weakness. I don't think 4M for Hyman is a discount - former teammate Connor Brown does a similarly important job at a 3.6M AAV, and there will be fantastic opportunities in this price range and below on the UFA market this summer. I think the field is wide open for Dubas to further improve the roster for next year.
Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsMay 21 at 4:51
Thread: Tavares
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Octopus_Guy</b></div><div>I have to start by saying I agree with Zach the person who posted this forum. At the end of the day hockey is a game and we all have to go home to our loved ones once the game is over.
This incident was scary enough to watch for fans it had to be even harder for JT's family, my thoughts are with them.
I hope he makes a full recovery as quick as possible and can get back to playing the game at his highest potential.

The injury happened so early in the game I would have understood if the NHL decided to postpone the rest of the game.
It was difficult to watch as a spectator but whether you are a player on the Habs or especially if you're on TML and that's your captain it had to be hard to play after.

That's why I think the fight was appropriate. To get the minds of the players off the injury and back to the game as much as possible.
Props to Perry for answering the bell for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and props to Foligno for standing up for his teammate.

That said, these players worked hard all year and sacrificed even more than usual with special covid protocols to get a shot at winning the Stanley Cup.
Perhaps you'd have more of an argument to cancel the series if Perry had malicious intent or if it was fatal but this was a pure accident.
Even logistically it wouldn't make sense. Who would the winner of EDM/WPG play?

You're right hockey is a risky sport. Sharp blades, big hits, fights, hard ice. There have been many nasty injuries. Some career ending unfortunately.
However I think it's worth it and I don't think one accident should determine how safe the sport is.

I hope you don't chalk up this year as an automatic loss of a year and maybe decide to watch some more games.
I know JT being out hurts the Leaf's chances at the cup significantly because he's such a great player but it's not over yet.

I really took my time to write this and re-read it because I hope none if it comes off as rude. I just have a difference in opinion on a few things.
At the end of the day we all wish this didn't happen but it did. So I'll say it again I hope he makes a full recovery as quick as possible and can get back to playing the game at his highest potential.

Take care</div></div>

Thanks for your thoughtful post. I certainly understand the points you are making.

Yes, I believe the Perry hit was an accident.

However, the decision from Dom Ducharme to tell his players to hit as much as they can was not an accident. As some point, those in power have to take responsibility for their actions. It's dumb hockey, if you want my opinion, especially if that's the whole foundation of your game strategy. (I think the Habs had decent chances in the series by just playing the game - they have skilled young players a well balanced team.)

And it's especially bad for the league. The reality is, you have kids watching hockey games. They see players like John Tavares and have them as role models, they want to be like them. It's a terrible outcome to have a player leave on a stretcher, any way you look at it.

I'm not a crazy fan. I would say the same thing if it happened to Crosby, Ovi or someone else. I wouldn't care more than 10 minutes after a loss if the Habs beat the Leafs in normal circumstances.

That said, I appreciate your response.
Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsMay 15 at 12:22
Forum: Toronto Maple LeafsApr 21 at 11:27