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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MatthewsFan</b></div><div>The issue is this team is not just D away, there are plenty of issues from penalty killing, 5v5 defense, depth scoring, still have the same coach, like could go on and on.

I am at the point and really hope Treliving rides this out till everyone including Timmins is healthy and they are forced to make a move.

Fire Reaves off to whoever will take him, send out Samsonov, and call up Martin Jones to platoon with Woll (but it is Joe's net)

A roster looking like this:

Knies - Matthews - Marner
Bertuzzi - Tavares - Nylander
Robertson - Domi - Järnkrok
McMann - Kämpf - Steeves

Rielly - Brodie
McCabe - Liljegren
Giordano - Klingberg



This gives you (if you don't have to take back salary) 2.3 to work with at the TDL.

This gives you the opportnity to see A - Is Woll our guy? B- Are McMann/Steeves viable depth options

I actually feel confident Woll can be a NHL starter but you can always move out a McMann/Steeves/Klingberg now giving you close to 8 mil (salary in/out) to make moves.

<strong>That is my wish, too each their own. </strong>

I would take my chances with that roster then give up picks/prospects</div></div>

I think the team is 2 defensive Dmen and a 4th line winger away from having as good a chance as anyone, assuming brick Woll keeps bricking (I have a lot of faith in him). And if I'm Tre in one of just 5 years left of competing, I'm sparing no asset to make that happen over the next few years, starting today.