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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TMLBRIAN</b></div><div>I am happy with them getting Jarnkrok at a reasonable cap! But I still think the Leafs are missing size and physicality throughout their lineup.

I think they need AT LEAST 2 guys who are really big and are physical (and can play) in their forward group and one on Defence.

Muzzin is physical. Sandin has some physicality. Brodie, Lil, Rielly, Gio are all good but none are overly physical. So I would turn Holls cap into a Lyubuskin type of player (maybe Luke Schenn?)

Up front they need one tough bottom line forward (maybe ZAR or Hatthaway?) and one high end tough forward (maybe JT Miller?)

So far this looks like an incomplete puzzle to me! We will see if the missing touches can be added.</div></div>

yes to a schenn type but if it's not there and available I wouldn't force it, I had no issues with the D (or the team really) this time in the playoffs, just need to reload and come back with a similar team again and make improvements where you can imo. Forwards, of course we'd want a Miller type but of course depends on price, and 4th line I think you give someone like Joey Anderson a chance to provide that. NAK is a tenacious forechecker and so is Anderson. But again if you can get a guy like ZAR or Hathaway at like ~1.25M I'd do it

Toughness isn't why we lost this year, we had responsible push-back from the team. Last year's team was the first where we lost and I thought we looked ready and deserving of advancing, so I'm ok with running it back as much as possible.
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