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Thread: hawks
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Garak</b></div><div>The hawks would probably do that. This probably favors the Hawks more immediately, but could definitely reverse in favor very easily. I personally think the Hawks should be looking for a top 6 RW before they look at another LW. But Kerfoot would still be a nice addition and Kral seems pretty promising. The hawks have too many floaters and not enough people in solidified roles. So this helps them solidify the LW more and get rid of some redundancies.

As for what the Leafs would be recieving, I feel like the Hawks don't have the proper personnel to compliment and utilize Johnson properly but he can absolutely still be a successful and productive player in the NHL if he were. Alex Nylander is more technically skilled than his brother and if he can get things going in the NHL, will be a very promising player. Strome is kind of the same. He has a lot of upside (probably more than Kerfoot) that either hasn't been utilized properly, hasn't quite blossomed at the NHL level yet, or (more likely) a combination of both. Most of the upside of what the Leafs would be receiving is completely speculative at this point. And I think if they really want to be buyers and go for a cup this year, there are probably better options for them. Maybe not options with as much long term certainty considering their cap situation. But better options for winning right now.</div></div>

i'd agree there's better options, but that comes at a steep price. this gives us some flexibility and doesn't affect the farm system too much. kral will be good but he'll never crack the leafs roster. this gives the leafs 3 nice complimentary players (which we need more than more star players at high contracts and trade costs) that can fill in a lot of holes for the team.
johnson fills in a HUGE slot on PP2, currently taken up by ritchie. nylander/strome can replace engvall for the other.