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The good -
21 EV / 28 total goals on a team leading shooting % ( a likely unsustainable) 17.4% / to compare - McDavid had 18.4 & Matthews has 12.2 / I would assume a regression here)
Offensive Point Share - 3.6 - Good for 6th on the team

The So-So
Sheltered TOI - He started 47.5% of the time in the D-zone, 17th on the team
TOI - EV - 11:50, 19th on the team
Takeaways - 24, 11th on the team
Blocks - 15, 18th on the team

The Bad
+/- (a terrible stat, but here we are) -23, 31st on the team ahead of Bryson who played 16 less games.
Defensive Point Share - .2, 22nd on the team
Corsi - 49.7 - 19th on the team
Fenwick - 48.3, 19th on the team
PDO - 96.8, 25th on the team
SH TOI - Zero
Expected +/- -5.6 - 25th on the team

He is simply a dumpster fire defensively on a team that is up and coming but not world beaters defensively. This is all readily available data online that a donkey like me can look at. Imagine teams with a real analytics department, and what they see. This is why people, myself included, are not fans of him.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RoyalBlueSabres</b></div><div>Show me one metric that has olofsson being a dumpster fire on defense.

Below average sure. But he has been torn to shreds on this site lately for no reason.
The fact that he is a 25+ goal scorer not playing top line minutes and not on PP1 would have others players lined up to get multiple picks. Don't know why there is so much hate going to olofsson.

The only reason he is being shopped is buffalo has similar quality players that are younger and need a spot in the lineup.</div></div>
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