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Thread: Eichel
I feel awful for Sabres fans, because their team is in such a tough position with this. No team is going to trade for him without knowing that he's healthy enough to both play again and play at the level that warrents his cap hit. That's just the reality. Just my opinion, but I am surprised that they haven't let him get the surgery he wants, and if I am Eichel I hold out until I get that surgery: it's his body, and while the CBA lets teams have control over a player's medical procedures, the spirit of that is, in reality, not for major injuries that can affect the future health and life of a player (like, for instance, a spinal injury). This is a big deal: if it weren't, he would have been traded by now. This has been ugly, and will continue to be ugly. What's the over/under on the which party caves when it comes to the surgery he gets? I'm probably not taking Eichel, it it certainly seems as though Adams has dug his heels in. Eichel will, at minimum, have to miss the Olympics, and if he doesn't have a surgery soon there is a potential that he misses the entire season. He may never play at the same level (the $10 million dollar per season level) or even play at all. This is his life.

This is all to say that no Sabres fan asked for this. Their is a good chance they're not going to win this trade. The Sabres are also looking to be historically bad this season, and while they have some good prospects, the winning seasons probably will not happen for at least another 3 years (? too liberal, though? Maybe 4-5?). And now the odds are they won't win an Eichel trade. I feel for those fans.
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Thread: Eichel
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OnFoenem34</b></div><div>hes a top5 centre in the league lmfao</div></div>

I get it. He is a top 5 center when fully healthy. Now, gauging from what's happened over the past several months, I would assume that all of the other general managers would agree that they wouldn't want to trade that many assets for a player making $10 million per when they have absolutely no idea if he will A.) be able to perform at that top 5 center in the league, and B.) be able to even play again. That's a mighty big risk that, as of now, nobody has been willing to take. The Sabres also have to take back significant money in return because they'll be well below the cap floor without doing so.

I know it's hard to admit. I know. But every pundit agrees with this. The Sabres are in a tough spot. I wish they weren't, but they are. Whether you agree with it or not does not change that reality. I hope he plays again, but you just don't know. It's telling that no GM has done it yet. I was reading an article about this in the Athletic: Asked by a reader if Eichel would be placed on long-term injury reserve, Vogl points out the Sabres aren’t near the upper limit of the salary cap. Eichel would simply go on injured reserve and his $10 million annual average value would still count against their cap payroll.

Vogl projects they’re at $48.1 million (including Cody Hodgson’s buyout) without Eichel and restricted free agent defenseman Rasmus Dahlin in the lineup. That puts them $12.1 million under the cap’s lower limit.

If Eichel isn’t traded and goes on IR, his cap hit puts the Sabres within $2.1 million of the lower limit. A new contract for Dahlin would make them cap-compliant.

All this is to say that If Eichel gets traded the Sabres will have to take on some salary from whichever club they send him to. Even that might not be enough, forcing them into the trade and free-agent markets to address that need.

<strong>Finally</strong>: at no point did I ever laugh at any comments. I was constructive. Saying "lmfao" is pretty condescending, and both doesn't add to your argument or cast you in a good light. I teach middle and high school students internationally, and they all are mature enough not to act that way.
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