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Forum: Armchair-GM5 hours ago
Thread: Howd I do
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>clapperzzz11</b></div><div>From last rumors, there's two teams interested in Petry. Dallas and Detroit. KH said couple of time that he will not paid anything to get rid of Petry. So that said the interested teams will be willing to pay a valuable price for his services.</div></div>

Just becuase some on essays boo, does not mean it is a ghost. Funny I have heard nothing in Metro Detroit area that Yzerman likes or wants Petry. And looking at his last two years here as GM he has not taken on older more expensive contracts unless it is a true need. He took Staal becuase we needed LHD and got a pick and he took Leddy on and dumped on contract and gave a 2nd. Leddy was a bad deal but he worked hi magic and trade Leddy and got a 2nd back along with two useful.players.

Petey I snot horrible, but two things work against Yzerman trading for him.

1. He has two not 1 year left on his deal. Yzerman has preached flexibility and this goes against what he has preached since day 1.
2. RHD is not a position of need, LHD is until younger players progress. Center and a 2nd line center is a position of need. Unless he has a deal or package where he trades Hronek and gets a 2nd line center this deal is moot. Wings have a lot of LHD prospects, Evidsson, Wallinder, Balium, Johansson and McIssac and few to none on the RHD side right now. Just does not make sense to trade a 25 yo RHD for a 35 year old who will be done in two years without a replacement ready to step in after Petry leaves.
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