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As far as Laine trades go, this one is pretty damn close.

For Winnipeg, you are trading away Eric Comrie, who is a good goalie prospect, just hasn't quite made it to the consistent NHL level. He would be the Jets third goalie this year, and I believe he would need to clear waivers (maybe not). For Columbus, they need to have a lot of faith in Korpisalo, and adding Comrie can give them another option between the pipes in case they decide to go for a tandem.

They are then trading what could be the next Ovechkin, just doesn't have a good attitude, and I don't know how he can return to the locker-room and face his team mates after those comments he made. It isn't ideal for him to be going, but it does offer more cap flexibility moving forward (in addition to Byfulgien's relief in this scenario). They also trade one of their top forward prospects in Vesalainen.

In return, they get back Josh Anderson, who will get a raise after this year, and can potentially break the 30 goal mark this year. He is young, and plays a strong physical game that Winnipeg would value. He does not have as much skill as Laine, but that's where Ryan Murray comes in. A top 4, LD that is needed by Winnipeg, after losing 3 players (Trouba, Myers and Chiarot), and now Byfuglien in this scenario. They would still be weak on the right side, but this gives them a solid LD moving forward. They also get Sonny Milano, who needs a change of scenery to see if he can find his game, and a 2022 1st round pick.

For Columbus, they get an elite scorer after losing out on Panarin and Duchene. They also get a top forward prospect that could slot into their top nine this year, and be relatively cheap for a few years, and they get a goalie prospect that can prove to be helpful down the road. They are strong on defense, and could afford to lose a guy like Murray.

I like this deal from both sides, good job on this one!
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb. 18, 2019 at 11:47 a.m.
Ottawa is never doing this deal, and here is why:

- Kulikov would be a cap dump, so he actually subtracts value on WPG's trade
- Marko Dano isn't really much of anything, so that's very little value
- Bryan Little just had his extension kick in for 6 x 5.2 million, and while that the contract itself isn't terrible, he is 31 years old, and doesn't fit into Ottawa's rebuild mentality (should a trade like this take place).

As for the rest of the assets, they have the actual value in this trade.

- The 1st round pick is an essential piece, as Ottawa gave theirs to Colorado. Even though this would likely be a 25-31st pick, it at least gives them something in the first round.
- Sami Niku and Kristian Vesalainen are both top prospects in WPG's pool, and both would make sense for Ottawa to acquire.

Those three assets alone (and let's face it, the other three either have little to no value (Dano), a cap dump (Kulikov), or don't fit into a rebuild (Little)) will not land you Duchene and Stone, hell, they may not accept that for Stone as a three-for-one. I should add into this that I am not an Ottawa Senators fan, which I feel is worth saying due to the fact that fans seem to over-value players of their own team.

Those three pieces would likely be enough to land Duchene (maybe even one of them, the 1st and a lesser prospect).

From Ottawa's standpoint, it would make more sense to trade them to different places. For starter's, it is easier for team's to afford one of their salaries, rather than both, especially when you take into account how difficult it is to make these blockbuster-like moves in the season. Additionally, trading them to separate teams makes it easier for those teams to work on extensions before the trade, allowing Ottawa to maximize on their return. Speaking of maximizing on return, both players will no-doubt have an asset return of a 1st round pick, prospect and likely another piece, so by trading to two different teams, they could potentially get 2 1st round picks, which they could either use to move up if they have a guy they like, or just take two players in the first round, something that is sure to help with their rebuild.