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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>yamamoto is overvalued he had one good year his rookie season where
he scored at .96 p/pg
then following season he scored at a .40 p/pg
this season he is scoring at a .24 p/pg
now you may say points don't mean everything which is true, but for someone who has played on draisaitl's line the last 2 seasons you would expect much much higher point numbers but yet he keeps declining. Yes debrusk has also declined but debrusk had 3 solid seasons where he averaged .59 p/pg with an average of 21 g per season this also doesn't show that he played 70 or less games in all 3 of those years. yes he did have 1 down season but this season he has looked pretty good his hustle is back, he now plays pk just like yamamoto, debrusk is bigger and pretty physical and even though that's an old head thing to say bigger is better but debrusk 6ft 200lb stature compared to yamamoto 5'8 155lb stature shows that debrusk will most likely be more physically capable of bodying off dmen, winning board battles, hitting harder and more all the things that become very important in playoffs.

i like yamamoto but debrusk has been way more consistent in his career, yamamoto's 1 season doesn't match debrusk 3 seasons especially when you look at who yamamoto's linemates have been compared to debrusk. i like haula, coyle and krech but they are no draisaitl.</div></div>

If you think that Yam doesn't win puck battles and doesn't hit hard, you haven't watched him much. He hasn't had much puck luck, but if you watch him play you'll realize how useful he is. Both players are struggling offensively, but Yam is much cheaper and has a much lower qualifying offer after this season, for that reason alone I can't imagine why Edmonton would do this, they're already up against the cap and they've got guys to re-sign this offseason