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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>Overpaid Kassian by a year and half a million. A lot of fans have a max of $3M/3y, my personal maximum is $3M/2y. I think there are better options to be had internally, via trade, or through free agency and would not be in any hurry to give Kassian a boatload of cash. Eakin probably makes a little bit less on his next deal too. I'd argue Nurse should make about $500k less too but be given the full 8-year term. Those savings combined give you enough wiggle room for when the Salary Cap only rises to $83M or some other dumb, low number.

Columbus fans will argue that such a package isn't enough for Anderson. I think they overrate him, but they also have little need for LHD at the moment. Value's close, but Blue Jackets fans won't be impressed.

Absolutely not enough for Puljujarvi. I can guarantee you Holland has received better offers and still balked on those. If that's all you value him at, don't trade him. Wait. Someone will pay. Benning's in a similar boat. His value's around a late 2nd Round Pick or early 3rd Round PIck. The Ducks will have mighty want for him and I believe he could be had for their 2020 3rd Round Pick and a depth player - a Kiefer Sherwood type - at the draft.

I don't like Howard as the backup and I would be strongly pursuing a Greiss or Halak in July.

The Khaira trade is pretty good. It'll be hard to justify the conditions on the pick, but it's in the ballpark of a good deal.</div></div>

Thanks for the feedback! I figured Puljujarvi and Benning were worth more, I just didn't want people to rip me to shreds when I traded them for 2nds or prospects.

I would prefer greiss or halak too, I just thought maybe Ken Holland would get a guy he knows very well (howard).

And I hope you're right about Kassian, I think if he'll sign for 3 million then we'll probably keep him.

I disagree about Nurse though. I don't think he's worth 6.35, but I just have a feeling he's going to hold out for as much cash as he can get, and we'll end up paying him too much (6.5).
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