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Forum: Armchair-GMJun. 15 at 6:42 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Aussie_Blackhawk</b></div><div>I think you've forgotten this guy has a neck issue which had a complete unknown outcome. People who have had the surgery have informed that it gets harder to play/live with time.

If you train people, you would understand that due diligence is a key component. If your going to sit there and suggest to me I'm not doing my job you'd want to ensure your doing yours.

so you don't think 9 years of a player is better than 4 years? Teams also had to fit the full cap of Eichel, Teams are getting a year to plan. Im sorry but there is far too much in CAT's value in comparison to Eichel. The debatable topic is the skill production but everything else in my humble opinion points to CAT having better value than a unhealthy disgruntled Eichel who BUF didn't want to pay 10m+ to sit on the sidelines.</div></div>

The only debate was which surgery he was getting the out come was quite well known both with extremely positive results.... Here some information for you showing a very low risk in acquiring Eichel which also refute you harder to live and play with....... Every team who had interest had numerous conversation with him and doctors as well to show that it was

So as shown teams did their due diligence knew he would be ok and proceeded. so yes I have done my job and looked at the facts. This in no way decreased Eichel's value once those conversations were had.
there is no guarantee of 9 years if you look at the facts and look at current RFAs they sign shorter term deals so they can try to cash in twice look at Matthews, Marner, tkachuk so there is no guarentee of 9 years and his cap hit could be higher than eichels since the cap will be higher than when eichel signed his.

you are delusional to think CAT's Value is more than Eichel. I believe you can start go do a trade for them 1 for 1 and see who side most people on this site will be I would wager eichel has more value.
More skilled, has done more with less talent around him, and plays center all of those make him much more valuable.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Aussie_Blackhawk</b></div><div>So you don't think a disgruntled player who publicly demands a trade has any impact either?

If a team is only qualifying CAT for his 1 year, they aren't the team that would be trading him. If it gets to extending discussions and a team doesn't give him a proper deal its on them, they are in the driving seat and have 2 years at worst to negotiate with all likelihood that it will happen this year.

The argument about eye test and stats can be debated back and fourth but the hinderance of health and publicly demanding trades loses a heck of a lot of leverage for any selling team and the buying teams know it.

In CAT's case there is no public demand and there are no health issues so you may think I have no clue about hockey but I understand basic business principles quite well and have handled many complex negotiations across a wide range of business.</div></div>

If he was just an average player yes probably has an effect but when you are in the superstar territory no effect at all all 31 one teams would line up to see what it would take. This does not drop his value at all. it probably increases cuz every single team would want that player creating a bidding war which tends to increase not decrease value.

Yes im not saying its not in team control but to say its a bargin you have a bargin for 1 year until you pay 9+ mill 2nd RFA year really doesnt matter so has no value in the trade.

As for negotiations I actually train people how to negotiate and I can tell you when a hot commodity is made public it drives prices up not down.... most people try to keep talks quite and between two parties for that reason. If you have negotiated for many business you should know this as well if you dont I would suggest you are not doing your job well.
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