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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>fangm</b></div><div>No the formula you had was right you just used the wrong number.

Example: The 2017-18 upper limit is $75M, on the last day of the off-season a team has a projected cap hit of $78M and places a player with an AAV of $3.5M on LTIR:
Team cap hit = $78M
Player’s cap hit = $3.5M
ACSL = Team Cap Hit- LTIR = $78M - $3.5M = $74.5M
To accrue cap space while the team continues to use LTIR, they would need to trade players to get below a projected cap hit value of $74.5M.

so in this example the up limit is 83.5M the total players LTIR is equal to 10.3M
ACSL = Team Cap Hit - LTIR: In your example its $83,434,783

So the leafs would accrue for every dollar under $83,434,783 during the season.

The dead or wasted capspace for them is the ~66k between $83.5 and $83,434,783 that they can't accrue on</div></div>

yes and the maple leafs cap hit in this AGM is actually 93.6M which means they would have to trade out their LTIR players or other players to be able to accrue cap space. You can look it up in many articles the Maple leafs wont accrue any space this year. They will actually make sure they are as close to 83.5M to the cap to start the season to make sure they maximize their LTIR pool since they will not get any extra space at the deadline. Same as the oilers did the last 2 seasons. as they did not accrue any space with klefbom on LTIR. It was a discussion every summer or hoping seattle would take him just so they could accrue space.
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