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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>you're points are all right on the money , i just think Domi-Poehling is more fitting and in time Poehling can cycle into Center full time .
i just dont see us pairing him with someone who's going to be a Center long term , with Domi it makes sense as the plan was always to find him a Center

i heard that they were thinking about playing him on Domi's RW which makes sense as Domi struggles with faceoffs and its gives that line Size. Poehling can take the faceoffs and cycle to the boards getting the puck as you described . To me i think if you're putting anymore with KK to get pucks out of corners its 6'4 Armia and 6ft Lehkonen they're the best duo when it comes to cycling pucks out of the corner , its not even close . (Tatar doesnt cycle he drives by keeping open for a shot in the slot ,Drouin does the same , Gallagher parks infront of the net , Byron Cycles solid )

KK , Lehkonen and Armia are solid but its important for them to play this year together because Ylonen might be held out 1 more season possibly but he's coming. KK and Ylonen are gonna be great as Ylonen is your guy who will battle along the boards and gets most of his points after digging out a puck and walking out from the half wall for a Snipe . he's everything you'd want to have for KK and honestly i think Lehkonen-KK-Ylonen could be a lethal line long term .

Teasdale-Olofsson-Evans (gonna be a great line for battling on the boards , lots of skill here )

the exciting thing is even with all those new faces there's still a bunch of quality prospects
that will likely break their way into the line up and push others out .
Coach Bouchard in Laval has given us quality by polishing prospects like Kulak for example and getting him set for CJ system.
the new approach has been the AHL and NHL coaches meet then decide direction and style based on needs(and its been successfull)</div></div>

Those are some great points. Ylonen played great during the Dev Camp and I hope you are right here. The problem I have with your projected line-up is the lack of veteran presence, as it seems highly optimistic that all these prospects pan out. This could potentially be a very exciting group to watch (although last year's games were electric) but I'm afraid the only way to make room for the kids is to suck for a couple more years... and Bergy can't afford that.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 14, 2019 at 9:29