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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>I have read in multiple places that Erik Karlsson could be going to the Lightning. Where am i reading this? Just look up 'Erik Karlsson' and you'll find a ton of discussion. Now, this whole time i have been saying that i think there's no way that they will trade him. And i still don't think they're going to trade him, at least this offseason, but i'm starting to feel like there may be a chance. What i'm unsure about is how Tampa Bay would do this. I don't actually think he's going to the Lightning. If he's traded, which is still an 'if', the Lightning are not the most likely place for him to go. They just extended McDonagh and they already had cap problems. There's no way to make it work unless you trade away some of your other players. Karlsson on the Lightning though would make a scary good team. And as much as i don't think these rumours are true, it still creates interesting discussion.

So the two questions which are kind of the same question are, how will they make it work? And what would they have to give up to get him? I'm thinking they may have to include one of their superstars, which they are probably unwilling to do. None of their superstars are a year away from becoming UFAs though, so Ottawa may have to add. If not their superstars, Lightning fans need to remember that you're not getting a 2-time Norris trophy winner like Karlsson for picks and prospects. Johnson, Palat, or McDonagh might have to be included. Or maybe Sergachev.

I'm interested to hear what you think will happen. Does he stay in Ottawa? Or is he traded? If he's traded, whom is he traded to? And for what return? Let me know what you think. Rumours are rumours, they're not always true, but they can be sometimes. And there are a TON of Erik Karlsson to Tampa Bay rumours.</div></div>

I don't see it happening with TB. They already have a set top 4 (Hedman, McDonagh, Sergachev, Stralman). They already extended McD to a nearly $7 mill cap hit. Hedman already makes close to $8 mill. Can't see them adding another defensemen that's going to make 10+ when he's extended. And I doubt they trade McDonagh, even for Karlsson, so soon after extending him.