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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafsfan98</b></div><div>So is Kerfoot... Doesn't make him a 5 mill player and Lilly is a young, mobile and cheap RHD...

GMs would also love to have a 6'8 guy who hits too...

Since when? The best trade comp I cam do is Timmins or Robertson... Neither are 2nd round pick materiel...

What part of this: <img class="for_img" src=";s=fbf7c8ea974792b8e9135d68b97d4b265a5821a2" alt="jfresh-timothy-liljegren-player-card-2022-23-v0-z0w2ehk2dkla1.jpg?auto=webp&amp;s=fbf7c8ea974792b8e9135d68b97d4b265a5821a2"> isn't going to fit with Hughes? The 87th percentile defensively? Lilly is worth a 1st

Brodie is worth more than that... His 100th percentile EV defence speaks for itself but al his puck recoveries do too

So no, Toronto gives up the most valuable asset and the best player so Toronto declines</div></div>

Myers has a reputation for being physical, even though he isn’t really. There’s a GM out there who would take him (probably Ken Holland)

Hoglander is 12th in his draft class in points. He’s outperformed his draft spot. If a guy like Lundkvist can still return a 1st after only playing 25 games 4 years after being drafted, Hoglander can return a 2nd

<img class="for_img" src="" alt="r3zK43c">

<img class="for_img" src="" alt="MM924vz">

This is a 2M player? Garland is a 5M player making 5M. He’s the best player in the trade. Evolving Hockey also had his value at 6.6M last season in a down year (not sure if the images loaded so here’s the links if they didn’t)

If Liljegren was the best player/asset in the trade, why has he constantly been healthy scratched in the playoffs? I like him, but he’s not worth the Canucks 1st round pick. If it was a bonafide contenders 1st round pick that would be fair value for him
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