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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ngikas</b></div><div>I think the more pressing need is RW. Now it’s unlikely that the Bruins find a RW prospect in the draft who could step in after a season or two but with really only kuhlman and senyshyn in line they need to find someone. I would put RW over RHD only because mcavoy/Carlo are the established future and filling in that RD3 spot is very doable whether it be internally or externally. Clifton, Lauzon have both shown they can fill that role. We haven’t really seen much from kuhlman or senyshyn. Acquiring Kase helps the bruins if he can play up to his potential. Overall good write up, detailed and I learned about some second rounders I never would’ve heard about until draft night!</div></div>

Thanks for the feedback! While I do agree RW is definitely a number one need I’d love for them to fill, I just don’t know how good of a RW you can find with the second round pick the bruins own. If they still had the first round pick, I’d say sure definitely draft a potential top 6 right shot forward. However if they draft a RW with the second rounder, it’s not going to crazily improve the depth.

It really depends which players will fall to that second round pick to really judge of what they should do. I just know that the bruins have pretty much zero RHD prospects after trading away Axel Andersson. I know that #6 D could easily be filled in...for now...but we won’t know what this D core is going to look like in 3-4 years. They don’t need to get a top 4 RHD because Carlo and McAvoy are locks there for the next decade I presume. But more depth at RHD would be beneficial
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TWOminutes4surging</b></div><div>This is the exact type of return that Eichel would bring. Teams are never going to leverage there entire future for one single player who could blow out a knee, or suffer a career ending concussion. He will only bring back: A) a good youngish roster player (to replace him in the present,) B) a good prospect (to replace him in the future,) and C) a good pick to justify the move. A+B+C=Eichel. No more, no less. Also.. Larkin</div></div>

exactly. I've seen a ton of Buffalo fans asking for like 3 players (2 of em would be young and up and coming stars) , like 2 first round picks for one player in Eichel. It is straight delusional. I remember the delusion Sens fans had for Erik Karlsson trade proposals and honestly I just think it's the perspective Buffalo fans has on trading him.

#4th overall pick- if you draft right, that player can easily become an elite player. That's a fantastic pick to have ESPECIALLY this year
Joe Veleno- a former first round pick, and if developed right, probably a second line center or a real good third line center
Anthony Mantha- He's still fairly young and he has shown signs that he can be a monster. One day he will be a 40 goal scorer it's bound to happen

These three things are a great package. MAYBE add one or two pieces but it shouldn't be THAT big of pieces compared to the other 3. Like I said, Buffalo isn't trading him because they don't have to yet. If they were to, I don't see many teams being able to top this