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Thread: Stars Lines
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Scooter81</b></div><div>Marchment and Hintz have definitely found some solid chemistry together. I’d like to see them play together for the first week or so of the season and then try Robertson with Hintz. If Marchment has better chemistry with Hintz than Robertson and Hintz, Marchment will play with Hintz.

Gurianov has found his confidence again. He could possibly play on line one instead of Pavelski. Unlikely in my opinion. Hope he hits 40 Pts.

Benn isn’t a top six player anymore so he will be on line 3. I would put Faksa on line three and also put Dellandrea on line 3 once he comes back.
In the mean time Johnston will be on line three.

That would leave you with a 4h line of Peterson - Johnston - Glendening. Not bad at all. Also once Dellandrea comes back. Studenic will be sent down to Texas.

I’d like to see Suter and Moro get a bit of time. If they don’t do well I’d like to see Lundkvist have some time with Miro. Finally if that doesn’t work play Hakanpaa with Miro.

Lindell in my opinion will play with Lundkvist in the end and Hakanpaa will play with Miro.

In the end Suter will play with Miller. Could healthy scratch Miller and put Harley in but I expect him to sadly start in the AHL. (Texas).

That’s my thoughts on what opening night will look like. The stars are now contenders again with Robertson back.</div></div>

I really hope they don't put Johnston on the 4th line with Glendending and Peterson. He should be in an offensive role so he can get his confidence going, playing with glendening is going to kill any offensive potential for him. But unfortunately by the sounds of it, the third line is going to look like Benn-Faksa-Johnston so hopefully Faksa can contribute something offensively now that he won't be playing with Glendening and Raffl or Cogliano and Comeau
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Thread: Stars Lines
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheMooterus</b></div><div>Don't see the Stars running the risk of losing Kiviranta to waivers when Studenic has already passed through waivers successfully. We may see Studneic at some point this season, but he won't be on the opening night roster.

With Dellandrea being injured &amp; waiver exempt, he likely starts the year in the AHL, allowing Dallas to roster a healthy 13th forward. I'd expect that Johnston and Damiani will both make the roster, with the former in the lineup and the ladder battling with Kiviranta for the last lineup spot with the other filling the 13th forward role. Once Dellandrea is healthy, you'll likely see Damiani sent to the AHL to make space on the roster for him. This would also push Kiviranta to the 13th forward role (if he isn't already there to start the season).


Yeah sending kiviranta down over Studenic was just to maximize cap space, but I do think that he will end up as the 13th forward. As for Damiani, I think it would be more beneficial for him to play in offensive top 6 role in the AHL rather than on a 4th line with two guys with little to no offensive contribution. If Johnston doesn't stick after the 9 games, then maybe you can call up Damiani and put him on the line with Benn and Peterson. DeBoer had said that he penciled in Dellandrea on the starting roster before the injury, and I think since the injury isn't too serious he will get his spot back as soon as he's healthy.
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