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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jamiepo</b></div><div>I said if gm’s Start firing offersheets back and forth like cannons.

It is the cost effect coupled with the compensation that keeps gm’s From handing out offersheets.

All of these teams with cap space that are going to offersheet rfa’s (just Toronto though, point,Aho,Rantanen, Tkachuk and Mcavoy are all safe) all have rfa’s that will come die shortly and after they add their 12-13m marner will be In the same position to have their players sheeted.</div></div>

Understood. They certainly want to avoid a war of offer sheets, but I doubt that would happen. We're in a unique situation this offseason with the all the players stated above being available. (Laine too). Not every team that gets offer sheeted would have the picks required to hand another one out. Moreover, I think the teams that are most likely to offer sheet are the ones that don't have anyone they're truly scared to lose. Take the Rangers for example... if they offer sheet someone, what are they really worried about? That someone offer sheets Kakko 3 years from now? That could be the case, but a lot changes in that timeframe.

Nevertheless, your point is well taken that there is no desire amongst the GMs and owners to cannibalize themselves.... but one must wonder why it's in the CBA to begin with. If there was ever a time to do it, it certainly seems like now. Although no one offer sheeted Stone, so you're probably right - will never happen.