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Got to give the win to Ottawa here. Stone is in his last year and will be making big money next season for long term. Nobody knows what kind of player he will be in a year or 2 or whatever. If Ottawa wasn't prepared to hand out that contract, then trading is their best option before he walks for nothing. They get a bottom 6/depth player in Lindberg, who they can likely easily resign cheap if they like what they see out of him in that role 9 (dynamic forward that can play wing and center). They get a great young d prospect in Brannstrom; somebody I'm really surprised to see Vegas give up so easily (though I'm sure they will sign Stone for 7+10mil/season or something). And they get a little 2nd rnd pick tacked on next year, which could always turn into another solid role player on a future Ottawa team that has many such players, and more elite prospects. Combine this with the Dzingle and Duchene asset drops/grabs, and they are looking pretty good going into the future, as far as potential goes. Everybody seems to forget that they blew up a team before like this, and turned it around in a decent time period. I expect them to do the same thing here. Maybe in a few years, when Boston is struggling to replace their vets, Toronto is regretting signing certain players and not trading them sooner to keep their prospect pool healthy (going for it all every season is easy way to lose future assets quick), Buffalo is likely to be right there as a top young team, Montreal and Florida are who knows where(?), and Tampa is still probably a power house; Ottawa should be able to start competing around then, and will likely follow a similar path they did with this past core of players and the other core of the players from even longer ago.
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