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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hullsy09</b></div><div>Yeah I think Pitlick should start on the Crosby line while guentz is out. I would even like to see Yager play a few games there for a little test drive before going back to junior, who knows maybe he is impressive and sticks around

I think we can all agree that Crosby, guentzel, Rakell, smith, geno, rust, eller are 7/9 top forwards, now we just have to determine who the other 2 are and where they can play. Preferably whoever, out of the long list of hopefuls, can find some chemistry with Sid or Geno can play in the top 6.

I see you mentioned nylander is lacking in speed and I’m not disagreeing with you, but who, out of the list of hopefuls, is fast? I would say it’s Johnsson, Pitlick, Hinostoza, Yager, Poulin, puustinen, nylander, Carter, competing for those 2 spots. I’m not super familiar with some of these guys, but most of them are not exactly burners, to my knowledge</div></div>

Agree completely on your first point. Would be really interesting to see Yager there too. I don't think he's as far off as some people say he is and he looked really really good at the prospect camp. Like miles above everyone else (many of whom are supposedly close to ready). And who better to play and learn from than Crosby. Don't think it would hurt his development.

I think Pitlick and Hinostoza both have pretty good speed. Yager probably the fastest. Poulin I was impressed with him in the limited time he had last year. Wouldn't say speed is his mo, but I thought he was the most noticeable out of all the WBS guys called up last year. Puustinen is also very fast and I thought he looked good. But Poulin I think showed the most offensive potential and playmaking out of the WBS guys. I know it was only his debut with the Pens but 2 points in 9 games for Nylander was not ideal. Especially when on a line with Malkin. I think there will be other players that step up to that role first, but I also don't want to judge Nylander too fast. Hopefully he has a good camp.
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