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Would Rod let Laine play the opposite of his system? Dude's body is too big for him to get to loose pucks at any speed.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hurricanes73</b></div><div>I know most fans overvalue their prospects and players but I think this is fair for both teams. Canes are giving up necas who underperformed, no question about that, but he is able to play center, defend, and is a zone entry cheat code. Laine doesn’t provide that but he provides a top 5 shot in the league. He is still a good player but he doesn’t contribute much outside of his offense he doesn’t contribute that much. Necas is a 3 zone player who struggled in the O zone this season but he was still displaying all the potential he has. I think necas has a higher ceiling than laine. That doesn’t mean he is worth laine right now 1-1. I agree with the point about Suzuki, i think it should be a prospect like ponomarev or rees. I’m not crazy about the canes giving up the 2023 first but that’s a big piece that needs to be included to cover the value difference between laine and necas. Obviously they are not a late first round pick apart but the other pieces help it get there. Laine on any teams role is to score. He’s very 1 dimensional in that sense and if CBJ is able to get a 3d guy like necas and more then it is worth it for them.</div></div>

Nothing I've seen suggests Necas is a good D player. There's no possible way you can suggest Necas has a higher ceiling than Laine. There are a handful of players that have more U23 goals than Patty in the last 20 years.

None of those pieces form the centerpiece of a Laine trade. I like Necas as a player but CBJ probably can't afford another project C conversion considering we just did this is Jack Roslovic. Especially so if we don't have or most dangerous shooter.