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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>Dude read the description I know lol. But Nylander was on road to be a top line player prior I’d think (I once again do not like Nylander Or the leafs). I’m thinking the blues would rather Matthews but idk if Toronto would trade matthews. Marner - Parayko I can see getting done but if I’m the blues GM I want a kicker as well cause I gotta take that 10 mil blow and completely change up my team but I also think marner is not worth his hit so why bother.

Sandin is a cheap young good looking player
Bracco is Fabbro basically without injuries.
Nylander isn’t enough so that’s why I put the first but still said it probably isn’t enough.

So as I said at the end of the day the trade really isn’t gonna happen anyways unless it’s simialr too

2020 2nd

But that’s still iffy for both teams lol</div></div>

The F. I don't know much about Parayko but how is that not an overpay? Nylander is a potential 70-80 point guy; Sandin is making the team as a teenager; Bracco was second in scoring last year in the AHL; Kapanen could be a top 6 RW; a first AND a second? No way. Parayko is 26 signed for three more years. All 4 players mentioned are 23 or younger and will be significant pieces for the next 5+ years assuming none are traded. When was the last time you saw a solidifed top line winger, a team's #1 defensive prospect, a team's #1 offensive prospect, another top 6 winger, a 1st and second round draft pick in exchange for anyone?
Forum: NHL SigningsSep 14, 2019 at 11:32
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>niong108</b></div><div>Well Leafs, good luck next year with your defence. The situation looks really ugly. Cannot believe players don't care about other team members or having a stanley cup team. I mean let's be honest, next year the leafs won't be SC contenders simply cause they don't have any cap for their depth players.</div></div>

Reasons why Toronto management isn't worried:

1. Toronto's top two prospects are both Dmen who will make &lt;1M for their first three seasons. Both are knocking on the door this camp but will have until next year to further develop

2. $16M is coming off the books after this season with their forward core fully intact. Meaning 5.33M can be allotted per man if they wanted to (Rielly, Sandin, Liljegren are the other 3; Dermott is RFA)

3. Cap hit will only go up next season, and is projected to skyrocket with the new TV deal/Seattle expansion

So moving forward to 2020: Rielly is signed; Dermott won't sign for more than 5.33M unless it's long term; Sandin and Liljigren will be on ELCs; salary cap will go up, leaving ~10M+ to sign/trade for two Dmen.

Of course then you might say, what about when Rielly's contract expires? Or Andersen's? Just like when they signed Tavares - what about Matthews, Nylander, Marner? Or when Nylander signed, what about Matthews and Marner, etc etc. There's a method to Dubas&amp;Co's madness; they've considered everything moving forward. Even if push comes to shove, they trade a periphery piece like Kerfoot, Kapanen, or Johnsson. By that time, Bracco, Robertson, or SDA will be able to step in on their ELC.
Forum: Armchair-GMSep 11, 2019 at 2:39