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Tomboys rule.
Forum: Armchair-GMMar 20 at 10:43
Seems reasonable. I couldn’t fathom having Ristolainen that low, but I only watch a half dozen Sabres games all year (and a dozen Rochester games, being as much an AHL fan based in TO as a NHL fan).

Always hard comparing Fwds & D-Men, even Centres & Wingers can be tricky. Gotta consider special teams and ToI and all that.

I’d say the Top 5 is pretty unassailable (the Montour trade was sublime - as I have been hoping the Leafs would make a play for him for well over 2 years - guess that ship sailed). After that, I would go as follows. Also added select Americans who’ve impressed me when I’ve seen them.

Overall, the Sabres organization has an abundance of Left shots up front and Right shots on the blue line. I could see them going after a middle-6 right winger to improve there, possibly deal some more from the solid crop of AHL D-Men (esp Dougherty) and perhaps Ristolainen (if he’s not liked in the the organization) to help them with their depth after the top line.
6. RD Ristolainen (+8)
7. C Mittelstadt (-)
8. LW/C Rodrigues (-2)
9. LD McCabe (+1)
10. W Sheary (-1)
11. RW Nylander (+1)
12. LD Pilut (NR)
13. W Pominville (-1)
14. C Thompson (+3)
15. RD Bogosian (-4)
16. C/LW Larsson (-3)
17. LD Hunwick (+3)
18. W Olofsson (NR)
19. W Okposo (-4)
20. LD Scandella (+1)
21. RD Nelson (-5)
22. LW Smith (NR)
23. C/LW Girgensons (-5)
24. RD Dougherty (NR)
25. C Sobotka (-3)
26. LW Elie (NR)
29. LW Wilson (-10)
I’d flip 7&8 if Rodrigues is playing C more - where is he playing most these days? Think he has a fiture up the middle in the NHL? Wonder what he’ll get on his next contract?
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Brandon Montour is, by most accounts, easily among the Top 40 RHD in the NHL today (possibly in the Top 30). A very strong 2nd pair but with a legitimate case to be a 1st pairing defender. Combined with the crop of other young D-Men that have arrived/taken strides this season (Dahlin, Pilut, Ristolainen, McCabe), adding Montour whist not subtracting anyone off their current roster immediately raises the Buffalo blue-line from slightly below-average to easily among the Top 5-10 in the NHL (with a trajectory that will only make them better in the next 2-3y).

As others have iterated, Guhle was buried in the depth chars on the LHD side, and so really while an “asset” in the abstract, held little to no intrinsic value for Buffalo as an organization beyond what he could recoup. And wow, does he fetch a big fish.

The 1st round pick is a wild-card. If Buffalo has another surge and makes the playoffs then Anaheim is likely looming at around 18th give or take, possibly later if Buffalo upsets the top seed. But - if Buffalo misses the playoffs (and by most prognostications that’s at least an 80% probability), then we’re looking at a lottery pick, albeit one with very long odds. If Buffalo misses the playoffs and “wins” the lottery (moving up to the top 2/3) then Anaheim wins. But in the other 96% of scenarios I find it hard to fathom a borderline LHD and a mid-round 1st providing more value than a young RHD in the Top 30/40 of the NHL.

There’s the 80% possibility that Buffalo
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