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Tomboys rule.
Forum: NHL TradesFeb 23, 2020 at 6:57
Forum: NHL TradesFeb 21, 2020 at 3:58
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsForEver</b></div><div>Not sure about the WBSP, but it helps Laval because we get 2 quality AHL players who don't count towards the veteran limit. Also worth noting their terrible attitudes.</div></div>

Absolutely in agreement.

For the WBS Penguins - they’re in a tight battle with Charlotte and Springfield for a playoff spot in the Atlantic Division right now (2 spots and 3 teams). With the 26th ranked offence in the AHL they’re obviously looking to add some (young-ish) veteran firepower to kickstart their anemic offence, giving goalies Casey DeSmith &amp; Dustin Tokarski - who have both done well this season - some slight margin for error. Barber and Varone have produced well at the AHL level in the past and, if they’re going to be given an opportunity to succeed there then they should be able to thrive once again.

The Pens have the following “veterans” on hand in WBS (Trotman has been back and forth all year):
- C Phil Varone (612gp)
- RW Riley Barber (288gp)
- LW/C Andrew Agozzino (540gp)
- LW Jamie Devane (344gp)
- LD David Warsofsky (500gp)
- LD Kevin Czuckman (386gp)
- RD Zach Trotman (343gp)

Also, getting close to the 260 game cutoff is Cole Cassels (254gp) but otherwise everyone else has well under 200gp at the pro levels.

For the rest of the season Riley Barber can count aside from the 5 player limit as he’s still played fewer than 320gp, what I consider the “transitional veteran slot”. That would allow the Pens to dress Warsofsky &amp; Czuckman on the blueline plus Agozzino, Varone, and Devane up front (or Trotman when he ends up back in WBS) as well as Barber. When Cassels hits 260gp then it would mean having to sit him or Riley Barber or use one of them towards the 5 full-fledged veteran spots (meaning Devane definitely sits). All in all the Pens at the AHL level have space to accommodate a couple of Vets so the deal makes sense in that regard for a team chasing a playoff berth. The WBS Penguins had the longest streak in NA pro sports and made the playoffs for almost 20 years in a row til last season. The fans there expect winners so the organization needs to take steps to at show they’re trying.
Forum: NHL TradesFeb 19, 2020 at 12:09
Marchment is an undrafted player originally signed to an AHL contract who has worked his way up from the ECHL to the NHL over the course of the past 4+ seasons. He’s a testament to Toronto’s developmental system as they’ve taken “nothing” and turned it into a young but established NHL depth forward in Malgin.

Today Marchment is more than “nothing” however. He’s tenacious and an agitator and has shown a physical aspect of his game from the get go. He works hard on the forecheck and is defensively solid - tho sometimes he will go for the “big hit” when it’s not always warranted and he’ll always take more penalties than he draws. He’s been a fan favourite for the Marlies for the past 3 seasons and I for one am going to miss the guy.

As he has taken on more special teams (PP and PK) responsibilities in Years 2 &amp; 3 and moved into a Top-6 (AHL) role, his offensive game has taken a big step forward. From where I’m sitting, my main concerns lay in his skill and play-making (he’s working on a Cy Young year this season) and his injury history and age (he turns 25 next month). He’s experienced several injuries over the past two season (multiple back injuries I believe) and these are going to limit his ceiling, even if he is still continuing to grow as a player. Maybe he becomes an NHL 4th liner - an energy guy with some finishing ability - but again, age and injuries could make that an upward struggle over the next couple years.

On the whole, even as a big fan of Mason Marchment, I have to give the win to Toronto.
Forum: NHL SigningsFeb 11, 2020 at 1:49
Forum: NHL SigningsFeb 3, 2020 at 12:45
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>I don't think you understand why they keep the vets on the team.
It's so their younger guys don't get run and abused.
The coaching staff doesn't need help coaching them.</div></div>

It’s apparent that Jarmo Kekalainen (CBJ GM) feels that at least part of their recent success (they’ve literally been the best team in hockey the past 6 weeks weeks) has been partly attributable to Gerbe’s work both on and off the ice. I am cognizant of the downsides to such a contract, and I am certain JK is as well, in terms of the 50-contract limit.

The reality is that Gerbe would have been at least able to get a 2-way NHL contract next season, maybe not for 2 years but I’m sure the 2nd year made it a quick decision for Gerbe and his representation, who may have been tempted to wait until July 1 and see if they can land a 1-way contract for 2020/21 rather than take a 1y/2-way deal. Multi-year contracts for fringe NHL’ers (even useful ones like Gerbe) approaching their Mid-30’s are quite rare - I can’t think of any of the top of my head. So you’re right in being cautious, because in this respect it’s a bit of an unusual contract.

However stepping back and examining the success over the past several weeks - which has been largely driven by players who played alongside Gerbe in Cleveland - JK and company felt it was worth tying up a contract slot for 2 years. He must have played a key role in player development in order for this deal to have gone down. And most poll respondents tend to agree.
Forum: NHL SigningsJan 15, 2020 at 7:43
Marincin has played a role and done it without griping. Some perennial 8th D-Men will look elsewhere to ensure they stay in the NHL or get more mins/more games. Marincin has happily played in the AHL for much of the past 4 years, including playoff games (which are unpaid!), when his services have not been required by the Leafs. In the AHL he’s an effective shutdown D-Man who’s able to kill penalties and is good in the locker room at mentoring the numerous young Marlies D-Men.

As noted, while he will be earning a guaranteed $0.7M on a 1-way contract, none of that will count against the cap when he is not on the Leafs roster and, when he is on the Leafs roster you’re not going to find a cheaper contract to fill out your 5th, 6th or 7th D-Man slots. With where the Leafs are at, anything higher than league minimum or an ELC is just no longer tenable in the bottom pairing nor most of the bottom-6. There’s better D-Men but the Leafs can’t afford them.

I for one am happy MarMar is coming back. It’s good to have continuity and loyalty, an intangible quality that is so often lost these days. He’s another member of the Calder Cup championship team from 2018 that is now forming almost half the Leafs roster and he was a big part of that win (played top pair D with Hollsy for the Marlies back then). It’s great to see so many of these players progress to playing FT for the Leafs (with more to come)!

In sum, MarMar will never be a Top-4 defender in the NHL (edit: checks current Leafs depth chart on Cap Friendly....well sheeeeeeet, that’s why we’ve been allowing 6 goals per game) but anyways, *ordinarily* when he plays in an appropriate role, he does it well and without griping.