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Forum: NHL SigningsJan 15 at 7:43
Marincin has played a role and done it without griping. Some perennial 8th D-Men will look elsewhere to ensure they stay in the NHL or get more mins/more games. Marincin has happily played in the AHL for much of the past 4 years, including playoff games (which are unpaid!), when his services have not been required by the Leafs. In the AHL he’s an effective shutdown D-Man who’s able to kill penalties and is good in the locker room at mentoring the numerous young Marlies D-Men.

As noted, while he will be earning a guaranteed $0.7M on a 1-way contract, none of that will count against the cap when he is not on the Leafs roster and, when he is on the Leafs roster you’re not going to find a cheaper contract to fill out your 5th, 6th or 7th D-Man slots. With where the Leafs are at, anything higher than league minimum or an ELC is just no longer tenable in the bottom pairing nor most of the bottom-6. There’s better D-Men but the Leafs can’t afford them.

I for one am happy MarMar is coming back. It’s good to have continuity and loyalty, an intangible quality that is so often lost these days. He’s another member of the Calder Cup championship team from 2018 that is now forming almost half the Leafs roster and he was a big part of that win (played top pair D with Hollsy for the Marlies back then). It’s great to see so many of these players progress to playing FT for the Leafs (with more to come)!

In sum, MarMar will never be a Top-4 defender in the NHL (edit: checks current Leafs depth chart on Cap Friendly....well sheeeeeeet, that’s why we’ve been allowing 6 goals per game) but anyways, *ordinarily* when he plays in an appropriate role, he does it well and without griping.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>Also gotta take into account the fact that Morrissey should see substantial exposure to WPG's elite forwards both at 5on5 and on the PP. His offensive numbers should probably be higher than Provorov's assuming Ghostesbehere retains the #1 PP role. Maybe it's just b/c I've seen Provorov a lit more on tv and in person b/c the Flyers play the Devils 4 times a year and PHI gets more national TV exposure, but I just think he's the total package of 2-way skill, physicality, and high hockey IQ. Before his regression last season I thought he was a future Norris contender...He still might be, but who knows.</div></div>

And perhaps I’m bias being in Toronto and watching the Jets (tho not as often as I like as late game is usually the Canucks 🙄 on CBC) on Saturday nights (Hockey Night in Canada).

There is merit in choosing the Provorov deal over the Morrissey deal, don’t get me wrong. Both are being paid at what will be “bargains” for a top pair D-Man in a few years time. And they could be more even. So there is value to be had.

Provorov could still be a Top-30 defender one day in the NHL but he’s got a ways to go. Morrissey is already there, IMHO, as a top pair LD and in the “Top-30” conversation.

Morrissey actually doesn’t see a tonne of PP time - significantly less than Provorov in fact. Last season Morrissey had 103m and in 17/18 just 26m. Provorov has averaged almost 140m per season on the PP thru his first 3 seasons. Just for comparison.

And thank you. 🤓🤷🏼‍♀️