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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hammerwise</b></div><div>Vets cant be sent down, (well they can, but cant come back (waivers) ) and there isn't any youth nearly as good as they are.

Its a pretty thin lineup that has no cap space for even a 1 game injury. Its also a much older lineup, even before the Thornton signing. Less speed. and I have no idea who plays PK. Truly, its almost historical that you have some 3rd/4th liners who play PK, but in this lineup? Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Engvall? I don't see 2 way players on those 3rd/4th lines. This is a thin, older lineup designed to exhaust itself long before the playoffs. With Spezza, Thornton and Simmonds its almost guaranteed they wont play an entire season, even shortened.

All of which leads to the fact that another move has to be made.

Ive seen a lot of these 18 skater lineups for the Leafs, (because its the only way they stay under cap), and its just so unrealistic. There are rules that just don't allow you to carry players that don't count against the cap</div></div>

Dubas himself said he has no problem carrying a 20 player roster if need be. And it's not that they would carry players without them counting against the cap, it's that sending players up and down is much easier when your AHL affiliate (Marlies) play in the same city. As long as the transaction is made before the pre-game roster reports are given in, the player can make it to the game, no flights needed.

The waiver wire is also why I kept all the vets in the official lineup while sending down the kids. The kids can go up and down without issue.

As for making other moves, I'm only basing myself on what Dubas himself said about the roster. He said Mik and Dermott would be signed and then that's pretty much it, no more transactions. Weather you say they need to make other moves or not really doesn't matter when the actual GM of the team said otherwise.
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