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Thread: Oshie
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>That makes sense, but I doubt Dallas move Radulov, let alone retain enough salary for him to fit better than Oshie. Dallas fans?

Here's Oshie's contract: <a href=""></a> It pays him only 4.5M per year from ages 35 to 38

It's built on the same descending plan as Radulov's: <a href=""></a>

Here's Pavelski's, which pays him $8M the year he's 38, which tells me Dallas just wants to score more points, whatever the cost: <a href=""></a>

So maybe the Caps ask for, like, Damiani and Honka, thrown in, and maybe Washington adds Boyd, and the Caps sign a UFA 2R? Not that there are good ones left.</div></div>

You're right about Radulov probably being a hard guy to get, but again, Oshie will be integral to Washington's success this year and would be similarly tough to acquire. Also, maybe I didn't make this point clear enough: no amount of prospects or non-lottery picks would be worth not having Oshie for any amount of time this year. As long as he remains a strong two-way player, his value is nearly impossible to replace for the same cap hit, so you'd end up paying much more for a younger guy like Kreider or paying about the same amount for a guy as old or older than him (which puts you right back at square one), and that's only IF similar guys are available and interested in Washington. I'd much rather deal with a buyout in the last 1-3 years of his contract than trade him for magic beans now because he ***might*** start to drop off in the near future.