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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Stuey4Vezina</b></div><div>the only problem I have is the third line. When they had that line but, instead of Holloway it is Hyman and that line was not producing except for Hyman. I'd personally put Holloway with Draisaitl because they can really use some playmaking to replace Nuge on the second line</div></div>

My thoughts on Holloway is to start him in the bottom 6 and make him play his way up the line-up. The lines with Drai/McDavid will take their top players most of the night giving Holloway favourable match-ups to get used to the NHL game. Like what I've seen so far and he could warrant a spot up the line-up sooner than later, just there's way more expectations in terms of production with McDavid/Draisaitl and playing away from them will help manage expectations for a rookie.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eberles_Backcheck</b></div><div>Why is it a bunch of meh? The Hyman-McLeod-Puljujarvi line did extremely well against Toronto.
RNH and Yamamoto have good chemistry, and adding a fast, tenacious player in Holloway would only compliment them. Plus they'd face much easier competition.</div></div>

Hyman-McLeod-Puljujarvi is a really good checking line. All big bodies that skate well and have good defensive positioning. Just no real offensive driver out of the 3 of them. They'd defend well, I'd just expect 3rd line type scoring rates.

I like the Holloway-Nuge-Yamamoto combo as well but it's another line that's best off as a 3rd.

By loading up McDrai, you end up not having a true 2nd line and again end up riding them too hard and have too much expectation on your 1st line. I'd rather spread out the talent.