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Aug 26, 2019
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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 11:04 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Oodz</b></div><div>Literally 40% of drais points last year came on the PP and guess who he plays with? And at least 10% of his reg season points came from playing with McDavid- check the stats if u need to. That means around 50% of drais points came from playing with McDavid. If that doesn’t mean he’s mcdavids product,
Idk what does.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div><strong>L</strong></div></div>

This guy clearly doesn't understand hockey. "McDavid and Draisaitl play together so Draisaitl must be product of McDavid". Take the Hyman goal in the opener for example where both McDavid and Draisaitl get assists. McDavid throws a cross seam pass to Draisaitl who one touches the pass tape to tape through a defender for a Hyman tap in. Yes, McDavid passed Drai the puck but it takes an exceptionally talented player to make the pass as quickly and accurately as Drai does. In the NHLPA player poll, Drai had 3 most votes (behind Kane and Backstrom) for best passer in the league and double the % McDavid got. The main reason in my opinion that the Oilers PP has been at the top of the league in back to back years is the dual threat of Draisaitl from the bottom of the circle... He has both a deadly one-timer and the ability to thread the needle with a pass cross-crease. He doesn't rack up the secondary assists Barrie gets for dropping the puck for McD in his own zone and this isn't Thornton-Cheechoo from the Sharks 15 years ago. This is 2 very good players that feed off of each other.
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