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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>First of all your idea is as good as any of ours as we do not get to watch the chemistry during practice.
Is it not nice to be able to discuss if Olofsson should be on the first or third line as there are many possibilities.
Or which of Mittelstadt, Cozens, Thompson, Ruotsalainen will be on the team.

While we all of great ideas, both Hall and Eichel are great playmakers with Taylor actually getting more pts from assists than Jack.
Who knows what Krueger will do.
I have said this before but up 9 players had career worse years under Krueger.

You can all shoot holes in my lines but here they are:
Skinner Eichel Thompson
Hall Staal Cozens
Olofsson Ruotsalainen Reinhart
Girgensons Eakin Okposo
Mittelstadt Lazar in the press box.
We have to put Jeff back with Jack, both will have career years if we did that.
Tage can use his big body to make space for either of them and pick up garbage goals as well
Taylor can drive his own line as he did in NJ, Cozens will be better than Sam was at the same age, I could easily see him get 60 pts.
That third line could be better than any second line the Sabres iced in the last dozen years.

Either Montour or Miller play LD with many different pairings working well.
With more offense, there will be fewer shots on net and therefor fewer GA.
Let me remind every one only 7 GK who played more than 30 games had a better 5 on 5 SV% than Ullmark.
No GK had a better SV% on shots greater than 30 feet than Ullmark.
Get a better PK coach who will force the skaters to be more aggressive instead of sitting back in the box.
Get a better PP coach who will demand more movement when the team has the extra man on the ice.

It could be a very exciting year with Hall and Staal while adding Cozens, Mittelstadt and Thompson.</div></div>

Interesting, its 3 lines that could be 3 scoring lines. I dont see reider, who im pretty sure was brought in specifically to help the pk. I dont think thompson is good, like at all, im fine with him being in the lineup, maybe he got better, but i wouldnt put him near line 1.
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