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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Fjordy</b></div><div>Our two main problems good top 4 RDs and goalies.

Korpisalo sucks, just look at his stats. Buffalo should overpay any free strong UFA if it's a 2-3 year contract. Fleury and Holtby will be UFA, pay them a lot of money for 1-2 years and maybe one of them will come to Buffalo (Fleury also knows the Sabres goaltending coach very well). If none of them want to go to Buffalo, find an trade. Maybe Caps will consider trading Vanecek in the offseason? Georgiev's game seems to have recovered. Maybe Varlamov will be available. I'm sure there are other options that will be better than Korpisalo and Mrazek.

Now top 4 RD. We absolutely need good partners for Dahlin and Power to develop properly. I don't mind Justin Holl in third pair, but if you are trading Olofsson look for a decent top 4 RD in return. I honestly don't like how Dahlin - Jokiharju pairing works, I don't understand at all why people think he is good for playing first pair and playing with Dahlin, his best game was in the third pair with Scandella back in the day. Power will also need a good mentor next season, I'm not sure if Holl is right for this, but maybe I'm wrong about him.</div></div>

Korpisalo has awful stats, not sure what the story is there, but I wanna stay away. I at least like the cost and the term. Goalie shouldn't be this difficult, you can win with average, you just can't suck. Adam's has picked awful goalies off the heap, and it shows.
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Thread: Vegas
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>As you can see I initially agreed with your post.
I would not take on Dadonov for only a fourth as a sweetener.
Give the Knights their 2023 3rd, and make it 2022 2nd to get me interested.
While Dadonov's salary over two year would certainly command a first, but he is producing just not up to this pay rate.
Retaining 50% and he may return a 2nd.

On the other hand this season is not lost IMO.
Take out the horrible 9 game stretch where they gave up 44 goals over 9 game stretch and the team is at 9-8-4 or 86 pts over an 82 game season.
Obviously not good enough to make the playoff but very respectable.
Add Dadonov and Tuch, the RW looks more than adequate.

Subban was superb against Pittsburgh leading to Tuch calling him the most athletic GK he had seen.
Throw in Luukkonen's sub 2.00 GA and who knows, maybe Ukko-Pekka could be Buffalo's Jordan Binnington.

The line up could be:
Skinner Thompson Dadonov
Olofsson Cozens Tuch
Asplund Girgensons Okposo
Bjork Eakin Hinostroza
I am not dreaming that this team could win the cup but IMO that line up is better than MTL last year (59 pts over 56 games projects to 86 pts over 82 games) and they went to the finals.

Bottom line I agree it is unlikely the Pegula's would agree to the deal as they have already made many moves to cut payroll.
Moving up from a 3rd to a 2nd moves my needle as only Skinner and Thompson have more goals than Dadonov ytd.
<strong>I do not expect you to change your opinion, I am just offering a different POV.</strong></div></div>

The 44 goals over 9 games is a bit misleading, to me anyways. Granato has guys playing in an open system, which is a refreshing approach, but our goalies are being left out to dry, and guys like- tokarski, dell, and subban- i dont expect them to bail us out very often. I believe in cheap, average goaltending, so im not asking for any kind of overcorrection, but adams is gonna need to find another goalie, even if upl is up to the task.